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    In B Flat

    A collaborative music project, really big emphasis on atmosphere. Fantastic stuff. Play any of the videos in any order and in any combination. It's a really unique experience, I spent hours listening to this stuff earlier today.
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    Withdrawls Suck

    I've been focusing on cutting down on my caffeine intake the past two weeks because I realized that having my heart beating an accelerated rate throughout pretty much the entire day isn't exactly a good thing. I cut myself down from 4-5 sodas a day to 1-2. I'm starting to feel the worst of it...
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    New Grooveish Video
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    Matt Bajda

    He plays for Funeral Diner, and he's absolutely incredible. If you've never heard the band, listen here.
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    Drum Off 09 Yup.
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    Thinking About Drum Off 09

    Anyone have any hints or anything? What I might be up against? What kind of judges I should expect? I at least want to get past store finals.
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    You Know You're Right

    Yeah, so this is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I currently rearranged it in a style I'd like to do it. I love the lyrics of both versions and combined them, but it seems a little wordy. It's going to be in the style of the Solo Acoustic version, but I'll still try to keep the...
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    Need Some Help Deciphering A Part There's the video. What time signature is it in? Is it simply a pattern stretched over 2 measure of 4/4, or something else?
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    The King of Pop Is Gone

    Michael Jackson died today at age 50. The Los Angeles Times reports that Michael Jackson has died at age 50 after being rushed to UCLA Medical Center. Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Steve Ruda told the newspaper that Jackson was not breathing...
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    Music That Everyone Needs To Hear

    This is a thread dedicated to some lesser known music that people wouldn't generally otherwise hear. Most of the focus is going to be on Indie, Neofolk, Alt-Country, etc.; there might be some Metal here and there, but generally it won't be. This stuff is really worth checking out and please take...
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    Metal Health by Quiet Riot Drum Cover First cover of mine on YouTube.
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    This Is Killing Me

    Just last night my right pedal felt like something happened to it, or it might have been the head, I have absolutely no idea. The sound produced is completely fine, but I have to put so much more force into the pedal to make it make contact with the head than I should. It's incredibly affecting...
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    Snare Wires

    What exactly is the main difference that the number and thickness of wires make in the sound?
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    Paranoia Drum Demo Just a little drum demo I did for my Guitarist.
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    GC Is Having A Sale This Weekend

    Not sure if it's happening anywhere outside the states, but GC is having a big sale this weekend, and tonight from 7-9PM, they're cutting prices even lower. Just wanted to give a heads up for anyone looking for new gear. Also, if you spend $150 or more on Sabian items, you can send in a mail-in...