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    New Fire For ThePloughman

    Just arrived. 1966 Rogers Red Wine Ripple Powertone, 5x14, five ply maple, Cleveland Tag. Nice match.
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    The Ploughman's Rogers XP8 Jazz Kit Ebony, 18" Bass Dru

    This was a steal. 16x18, 8x12, 9x13, 14x14 Eight Ply all maple shells, sharp bearing edges, 1984 Vintage. Condition 9.5/10. $400.00 + shipping. Oh God, this was a good day.
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    Natural Maple Beauties

    Some great drums here. 8x14 Dynasonic 8x14 SuperTen 6.5x14 Dynasonic 6.5x14 Dynasonic Great drums, very sensitive, beautiful sound. 10 ply all maple shells, Rogers minimal snare beds, the original double cut 45 degree edge, natural finish interiors, finished bearing edges, I have...
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    Two 6.5x14 Rogers Dynasonic XP10 Maple Snares 1983/84

    Some pics. Drum number one, I aquired in Jan, 2001. It was virtually NOS, with uncracked original heads. If I had known then what I know now......... they would have never gotten played. 6.5x14 Rogers Dynasonic 1983 XP10 Black Felt Drum #2 Was purchased from the original...
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    Who Voted?

    Who Voted? I dont care for whom.
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    The Ploughman's Collection Major Vintage Porn

    Here you go............................... All Rogers 1964-1982 The whole collection as of late 2007 And me.
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    Imbedded ad content sucks

    Whats with this? All the imbedded content ads that pick up words in a thread with a mini popup? That is pure marketing genius at work. And I dont mean it in a good way. Can it be turned off?
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    Does it just HAVE TO BE new?

    So you are looking for that special snare or see a set in a color you just got to have...... no matter how good you shop, and mostly even with a great deal from an insider, you will still pay more for it new. A lot more. How do you feel about it being some one elses spoiled dream, cast off...
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    My Drums: Ayotte Custom and Rogers

    My Drums.
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    Some Rogers Stuff

    Rogers 1964 Red Wine Ripple Cleveland Holidays, 20-12-16 with 1966 COB 7-Line Dynasonic Rogers 1966 Sparkling Blue Pearl Dayton Holidays, 20-12-14-16, with matching 1963 Rogers Powertone 5x14 Rogers 1980 Green Glass Glitter Recovered XP8, 18-12-14, with matching original finish 1969...