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    Sup, y'all.

    a band I played for just posted a new EP. check it. I recorded drums on Old and Worn. the other songs feature Lennon Boone the drummer for Ha Ha Tonka, check them out too, they're kind of famous. But not too famous, lol. It's been a while, I've been really...
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    It's just practice son
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    I'm joining the club

    I finally got my first Saluda's ordered. They're just too unique and awesome in everyway not to try! 13" Earthworks Medium Hi-Hats 17" Glory Medium-Thin Crash 20" Nemesis Medium Darker Ride (crashable) peace, Alex "TheLoneGunman"
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    Wanted: Student Level Gear

    I would like to get some beginner cymbals. Cracked one's would be even better, shattered better yet. So if anyone has anything like that, instead of thowing them out, I can put them to good use. I don't care the brand, the worse and more obscure the better. As long as there's enough cymbal left...
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    Hello all. Today was a good day.

    I went to my 1st Shed tonight. All the guys that you see on youtube, they're pretty incredible live too! Sure I got my butt kicked pretty good, but I'm a stubborn persistant guy and I'll get better. The next one is in two weeks. If you're in the midwest and want to come out, you should. I got...
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    Shed in KC

    I'm working with some guys to host a shed every other Monday in KC. Anyone in KC or surround planets that want to come are welcome, you can play or just watch if you'd like, just send me a PM I'll get you details. A vast majority of the best drummers in KC will be playing at this thing. luv...
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    Pearl JG16 Jungle Jig floor tom to Bass Drum converter Kit

    Changes any 16" floor tom into a jungle-style bass drum. Changes any 16" floor tom into a jungle-style bass drum. Get more mileage out of your kit by converting your 16" floor tom into a bass drum. This kit comes with spurs that fit in your existing floor tom leg brackets (fits brackets with...
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    In appreciation of my current band...

    Man what a fun gig I had tonight. My band plays country music and classic rock covers. And from a drumming stand point, I've got it nailed, for me, it's a pretty easy gig. Tonight at the gig I played Wipeout, and I played it so fast that the guitarist, who's also the band leader, had a hard...
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    Favortie Ice Cream?

    I'm bored. I'm sitting in front of the computer waiting for my body to heal from the surgery I had 5 days ago. So I've pretty much just sat here responding to posts and eating ice cream the whole time. And I've eatin a lot of ice cream. My wife bought me a bunch of really good stuff. I think my...
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    More Solo/Practicing/Jamming in prep for the Drum Off

    Give me all your hate and love people. Comments, suggestions, criticism, I just wanna know what people think. But I will say I already know it ain't good. I've got lot's to learn. But if you'd like one excuse for this just so you have a bit of perspective. I had a surgical operation done this...
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    Micing Bass Drums

    Yo, in my new band, my bass drum is kinda getting drowned out at the gigs. Now I think I know the problem, but a guy who claimed to be a drummer commented and it got under my skin a bit so I figured I would present the situation to you all and see what you guys think. My bass drum is standard...
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    Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

    If you got time today, check this out, it's good funny stuff. I believe it's getting removed after today though.
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    Dang, I smell

    I've been so busy lately with playing, learning and teaching, I've pretty much relegated myself the lessons area here at DML but I wanted to let you all know that I played my first gig with my new band last night and it was pretty much awesome and fun and great. The band has a house band gig at...
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    Woot! I got me a gig!

    I got me a fill in gig with a blues band, that's an easy $50 for 2 hours worth of playin. It's been 5 months since my last real gig. That was way!!!! to long of a drought. Hopefully this will spur more action for me, lol.
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    Rollin in the Dough

    I haven't played poker in well over a year. I played some on-line tonight a pulled in a huge $5 win. Looks like I still got it. 8) okay back to drumming.