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    Im having some physical problems, Carpal tunnel?

    Recently my hand has begun to hurt, again. I hurt my hand about a year ago during a show with sloppy technique. After that i learned the correct motion and so on but about a week about my palm/thumb area has started to swell minorly and theres a mild numb pain. Can anyone tell if this is carpal...
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    i hit a block, and i have some questions

    mmk ive been playing around with everything, everything being a loose term, and it seems i hit a road block, maybe its lack of inspiration and i wanted to know do any of you go through this and if so how do you fix it. Btw anyone got some interesting rudiments or beats they can send or show me...
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    Hey i got a question about some software

    Is there any kind of software out there that will allow you to slow down a song so you can listen to the drums note for note and able to realize the pattern. If so itd be alot easier then listening to more difficult songs over and over.
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    Pearl eliminators versus iron cobras....pearl vs. tama

    Mmk guys ive played with pearl hardware for a while and i bought iron cobras a while back. I like them but i wanted to know would eliminators be even better? Whats the better double pedal? And finally whats a better brand if you want to be able to do "anything" in shorter terms. I know its all...
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    i need help with my "floating foot" lol

    hey guys i have a question. How can i stop my foot from "floating all over the place" when im double bassing over 230bpm. I hate it sometimes it makes my singles unclean when i play for long fast periods of time.
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    Ive been stuck on this and i need advice. *Doubles on bass

    Yes ive been trying to figure out how to build up really fast doubles on my double bass, something to equal to T. Lang's and i havent been able to figure it out, can anyone help? P.S. i use iron cobra powerglides
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    PDP B.O.A. pedals discussion

    Hey does anyone have any experience with these? if so can you give me comparissons to Axis and iron cobras? im thinking about paying for a set of these
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    Ankle socks

    I find it weird but when i wear higher socks i cannot double bass as fast as i know i can but when i wear ankle socks i can go my average speed again which i guess its kinda obvious i just find it weird. Anyone else notice?
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    Grant Collins

    What do you think about this guy apparently hes been around for a bit but i just discovered him, he surely surprized me
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    How are your pedals adjusted?

    How are your pedals adjusted? what kind? whats the best spring tension you guys play in? i keep my pretty tight with my cobra powerglides, thinking of loosening them.
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    I need some help, seriously.

    I am getting pissed, i havent played set for a couple days, i get behind it and now i cannot go over 200 bpm on my double bass anymore and ive been flying before that, i even hit the 250 mark. But just a couple min. ago i tried with my iron cobras and my right foot is falling apart, it tightens...
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    Whats your favourite music...simply put.

    Mine would have to be good old rock and roll and Metal...i also love to play both. Funks good to.
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    Whats the best way you think to practice? And how do you?

    Ok guys bored here and thought id throw this down. What is practice...what is your practice routine and how do you do it? Me my myself I play up to 2 hours with tracks and songs and just grooving and then 10-30 min of excercises from rudiments and double bass and so on, warm up, play, make up...
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    Double bass this possible? *Single or double*

    Haha funny caption...naw im just saying and i want to stir up some fun, people say you cannot groove with double bass, double bass is stupid, Screw double bass, double bass is not needed. How i see it and im just writing this out of pure bordom and just wanting to rant so no one lash at me but...
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    Axis pedals v.s. Iron Cobras

    Hey guys ive been playing with Iron cobras for quite some time now and ive been thinking about upgrading to Axis pedals...What do you all think?