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    I cant stop buying cymbals on Ebay.

    Exactly what I said in the title post. I just picked up a set of AAX Metal Hats for 117 dollars SHIPPED. I picked up an A Custom 8" splash for 45 dollars. These are BRAND NEW cymbals never hit. Believe me... I DONT NEED ANY MORE CYMBALS. I have enough cymbals to stock 4 kits and have an...
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    Any feedback appreciated

    Well, I guess I would be hypocritical if I were to judge every drummer who's asked advice on here without giving example of my own play. These are tracks from a live show a few years ago. The mix is done from recording from the board so its not the best mix, but for this genre of music, it is...
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    Yamaha Flying Dragon Direct Drive

    I've been checking these pedals out, and am thinking of adding it to my pedal collection. I always loved Speed Kings, and now am interested in the double version of Yamaha's Flying Dragon pedal direct drive pedal. Anyone have any experience with these? Thanks.
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    You guys gotta check this guy out.

    I love the stuff by Jeff Indyke Drum TV & Friends ... I cant tell if he's a complete maniac or some sort of genius. (link now fixed) I gotta bring him to you guys here and see what you guys think... at the least this guy is unintentionally funny...
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    The Best kit for under 1000 bucks?

    I want a new gigging kit. But man, the choices are just crazy now. I know 1000 will get me a decent gigging kit... but theres so many choices now of what certainly appears to be good quality stuff.. its so hard to choose. I'd love to hear some opinions on this... I've seen the Gretch...
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    Jack De Johnette Signature Drumheads?

    Where have these things gone? I used to love to record with them, and they've pretty much dissapeared off of the face of the earth. Its a shame, because they're really great heads. Anyone use these and know a good place to find them in all sizes? I havent found one at 14" at all... and...
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    Me Playing with Tara Michelle and John Legend

    This is a live show for Tara Michelle(Formerly of Lauren Hill)'s project a few years ago. John Legend playing keys and just a really talented band (Besides me) behind them. Its a really interesting little piece but the sound quality isnt great as it was recorded from the board. The ghost...
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    My gigging kit

    Its an old birch set of Premeirs... with a decent amount of roadwear (10 years of roadwear)... but I still love them. Kit: 22-16 Kick, 10 up top, 12 and 16 hanging toms, Mapex 5 1/4x14 black chrome black panther. However in these pictures I am using my Ludwig Supraphonic (Same size) snare...
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    Bass Drum problems

    Hi everybody. Just found this place... and probably just in time. I'm 30, and have been playing since I was 3 years old. My father was a successful full time musician, so I just followed right behind him. The first 28 years of my life I've never even thought twice about my bass drum foot...