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    wow i havent been here in forever! hey guys i need some help. im a senior and have been looking into what careers i should take. I wanna be a pharmacist, can anyone tell me what kind of pharamacists are out there and whats the difference. also what schools (vocational, technical, university...)...
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    Fabric Drum Wrap

    i wanna put a fabric around my drumset as a wrap. A DML member has a 4 piece drumset (Pearl i believe) with a pink fur wrap around it, i jsut cant remember his name. But can anyone help on where to get some cool fabrics and how to put it on. =]
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    Bonsai Trees

    i am so fascinated with bonsai trees :) i am really thinking in growing my own bonsai tree :D does anybody have a bonsai trees or knows how to grow them?
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    i am thinking in learning how to play a xylophone. does anybody have one?
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    short hi-hat shaft

    i know this is a dumb question since ive been playing drums for over 2 years, but where do some drummers get those short hi hat shafts? like these shafts here ... res060.jpg
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    ghost notes

    i need help on how to play ghost notes more clean and steady, any help?
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    This band is so amazing and i would like to give mad props to these great musicians. This band is on my list of great bands Listen and appreciate :)
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    Can someone do me a favor?

    There is this song i am trying to figure how to play and was wondering if someone could be kind enough to post a video covering the song so i could see how its being played. The hi hats are the main problem of me not getting down the song. its: Let There Be Light by Justice...
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    "chick" sound hats

    wat are good hihats that have a very defenite chick sound to it and able to hear every stroke? i was thinking Zildjian K Custom High Defenition Hats Zildjian K Custom Light Hats
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    Tama Iron Cobras

    i dont play double pedals anymore and i am going back to single pedal. i am selling my Tama Iron Cobra Double Pedals Powerglide. i would perfer a trade over a good single pedal for these, maybe a DW 9000
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    Holiday Drum Gifts

    what kind of drum gift are you hoping for the holidays? i am going to get the Mandala Pad for Xmas and Bday since its close to each other. http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend ... sku=500380 :wink:
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    just stop by...

    to say hi guys! damn DML has a new look, its pretty sweet. how you guys doing?
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    great but magics over

    DML was so great at first and now its :roll: so im leaving you guys, nice meeting you guys (an exception of one person) so PEACE ON YA and have a nice life :wink:
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    this is why i love electro.

    i love it because of the beats but also cuz you can remix anything as long as it sounds good. like this. :D metallica - enter sandman <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
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    any good sites

    what sites do you guys go to? im kinda bored and not only that all i go to is drumsmylife and myspace.