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    Kevlar heads for set

    I love the sound of kevlar heads on my side snare drum(though I had to make sure I got a really strong body for the tuning) My question is: do kevlar heads exist for toms/bass, and if so, how are they. I love the snare sound from ebonys, but how would they sound on toms?
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    Ear plugs

    I've noticed that when I practice with my earplugs in, my drums have infinitely better sound quality. I was wondering, is what I hear with the plugs in sound roughly like what the qudience hears? I mean, because they can't hear as many of the overtones and snare buzz in the audience as I can...
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    110 bucks

    I, through certain means, happened across 110 dollars. Now, I need a strait cybal stand, so I expect to pay ~45 dollars on that. What else should I get. I was thinking a djembe or something of the like.
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    I'm going to be open for a little bit

    I'm a 17 year old drummer, and recently I've been looking for bands I can play with and start gigging a little bit. I'm scared as hell. My worst fear is that they won't take me serriously. Or that they will and I'll suck. I know I want music to be the rest of my life, but I am so scared...
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    A song I wrote

    In Illinois, the school system has a composition compotition every year, and I wanted to enter the upcoming one. The song I have so far I've worked on for ~3 months, and It's almost done. I just wanted to share it with you and hear your opinions. It's a piano duet...
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    Rim things

    I think I know, but can someone explain to me rimshots, rim knocks, and various different ways to use the rim while playing. I never had a real teacher, so I know this stuff, but I'm just making sure I do it right.
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    Bulk sticks

    Does anyone have a website where I can order sticks in larger quantities, say by the dozen?
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    Looking for one sound

    My school has a cymbal that we use as a ride, and I love the sound. Unfourtunately, the label wore off it YEARS ago. I'm looking for a cymbal with a very warm sound and medium long decay. Any help?
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    Black marks

    On the coated heads I bought a couple days ago, black spots have started to form. Why exactly does this happen, and does it hurt the sound at all?
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    Worth it?

    The other day I ordered a set of remo Ambasadors online for 30 bucks on sale. Was it worth it? The heads I has before were stock heads, so they really sucked, but Are the ambasodors good? ANd in your opinion, what is the best head and why?
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    Question about the Zil-bel

    Should it be plaxed rightside up or upside down? I see a lot of drummers in magazined putting it inverted.