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    13" K Hi Hats, 21' AA Meinl MB10 Ride and Dw 7002 dbl pedal

    13" Zildjian K Hi Hats, perfect condition with slight wear on top cymbal and well earned patina. No cracks or keyholing. Asking $290 21" AA Meinl Medium Ride, perfect condition. Looks brand new. No cracks or keyholing. Asking $250 DW 7002 Double Pedal, good condition, slight rust on the...
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    Any fisherman?

    Anyone do some fresh water fishing? If I'm not working, rehearsing or playing a show guaranteed you can find me at the lake down the street from my house. The lake is full of large mouth bass, chain pickerel, channel catfish, bluegill, yellow and white perch. Also stocked with trout twice a...
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    Ddrum Dominion Maple

    I know, I know. I change my set up like I do underwear lol. Been with this set up a few times before and had it like this the past few months..dont think I'll change it again. Got some new cymbals too. Drums - Ddrum Dominion 6.5x13 Tama Hand Hammered Steel Snare 9x12 Rack Tom 8x10 Rack...
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    New tracks I recorded today

    Hey all, I recorded some tracks today that I've been foolin around with for a while. The cymbals are a little overbearing but thats garage band for ya I guess. Let me know what you think.
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    RIP Rev ... ld_death_1 Sad man, real sad.
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    Ddrum Dominion Maple

    Been a while since I've posted pics. Was playing a 2 up 1 down set up for a long time..back to 1 up 1 down minus a ride. Dont really ever use the ride cept for the bell, figured my crash could do that same job just the same. So here's some pics of the old set up and what I'm bangin on now...
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    Super Bowl XLIV

    Who you guys bettin on makin it? I'd really like to see Philadelphia vs. Indianapolis.
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    Anyone seen these? They're factory refurbs from Sabian. You can get them at Memphis Drum Shop. I just ordered two 19" medium crashes for $270. Unreal.
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    Edges not smooth..(LOCKED)

    Anybody else receive a Saluda cymbal with edges that arent smooth all the way around? Both of mine are that way .. Nemesis more so than the Diamond. I emailed Jamie about it over a week ago and havent heard anything back. Thread locked. Topic was hijacked and went in a nasty direction.
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    Man ..

    South Jersey got SLAMMED by snow last night...10 inches and counting. Wth. I haaaate snow. I take it back, I just saw on the local newspaper's website that it's 12.9". Lame.
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    Nemesis and Diamond crashes

    Got my 19" Nemesis Med. Thin Dark Crash in today .. Great match to my 19" Diamond Med. Thin Dark Crash. Here are some pictures .. 19" Nemesis Med. Thin Dark w/ brilliant bands 19" Diamond Med. Thin Dark w/ Pre aged finish
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    Alright so this is gonna sound ..

    Dumb, I know. But Is a Paiste Full Crash their way of saying medium weight? In all my years I've never ever played a Paiste crash cymbal or even had one in front of me.
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    What weight?

    Anyone know what weight a 19" 2721 gram cymbal would be? I asked a dude on ebay what weight a cymbal he had was and he emailed me back saying it was 6 pounds, so I converted it to grams since that seems to be easier? I dont know. 6 pounds seems like a lot for a 19" cymbal.
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    World Series

    Who yall rootin for?
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    ZIldjian A Custom Rezo Crashes

    Anyone had a chance to try these out yet? I'm in the market for a new 19" crash and this one caught my eye ...