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    Built myself

    My new snare. 10 ply 6.5"x13"
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    Trick pedals???

    Has any one fooled with these things? Does any one have damn near a thousand dollars to fool with these things? They look like Axis with just a few differences. For the price those thing better do sexual favors.
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    jig for cutting edges

    I going to try my hand at making drums. Does any one have any bright ideas On how to build a good jig for cutting edges? If so could some one send a pic or diagram or some thing.
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    13" toms

    Any one have them? Any on else have trouble tuning them and/or keeping them in tune? One of these days I'm going to get in a serious bar room brawl with mine.
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    G2vs. EC2

    I have used coated G2s for along time now. have not tried the EC2s yet. Any body else made the switch? What are the results? Iam pretty loyal to evans heads.
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    give a listen?

    Please if you got some spare time check out my old band. We are not around any more but It is the only exaple of my playing I can give. Oh yea the song tracy lords is kind of a joke the other three are better examples ... 2215fbdbc4