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    I currently play for and i've recorded for and more, but cant remember them all Hope you find one you...
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    messing around (vid)

    I got really bored and plugged in the electric kit . I think with a little adjustment, I'll be able to have a decent recording and then I'll put something up for you guys to actually, possibly enjoy. later strAngel
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    My first arena show (quick vid)

    Hey guys, well I had my first arena show this past weekend, and it was awesome! The lights were super bright and stage was big, so I felt kinda lonely back there lol, but I'll get used to it. This clip is from the rock band I play with, and it was filmed at the ford arena where los lonely...
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    Any conga players?

    are there any conga players from houston on here?
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    The Faceless

    is looking for a drummer..... I really like them, and if you're a fan of metal you will probably like them too. I want to go for it, but I have way too much to handle already. I can't drop the six bands that I'm currently playing with to tour with them. SO....if you're interested and think you...
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    My first Videos

    Hello forum! I figured I'd post a video of me playing. I play a lot whether its studio sessions, cover gigs, or 1 of my 4 bands, so I have a lot of videos! lol I will post a couple up for now. Don't be too hard on me!! This first one is a clip of me filling in for a cover band playing RATM...
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    greetings from Houston TX

    Hello Board! Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here. I've received numerous bulletins on myspace from Greg, Drummer. Anyone know him? So I've been playing for 8 years now, I'm a full-time musician, and hopefully I'll be able to learn new things from you guys and vice versa. By reading...