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    Breaking The Rut

    i've read lots of articles in modern drummer and drum about this topic, but i thought it would be interesting to see the kind of feedback i get from my fellow drummers on this site. i frequently hit a wall when coming up with beats and fills with my band, and i was just wondering if others have...
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    solo tips

    i did a search for a thread about soloing already, and while i found lots of posts that mention soloing, i didn't see a thread directly about it, so i'm sorry if it's something i missed. anyway, since soloing is pretty much a nightmare for me, i just thought i'd start a thread about it. even...
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    remo powersonic bass drum head

    i just got the remo powersonic bass drum head today, a clear 22, and i was just wondering if anyone else has tried this head yet or is interested in it. i've gotta say, it's amazing. i'm not exaggerating when is say i don't think i'll ever buy a new batter head for my bass drum. the snap on esds...
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    single pedal players

    i'm a single pedal player and it seems like pretty much everyone plays double, but i'm still happy to be a single pedal player even though i have much appreciation for those who are talented at double. but, since it seems like there are quite a few double kick players in music today, i was...
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    problematic lead singers

    i know pretty much everyone on the board has probably experienced a problematic lead singer in a band at some point or another. i'm dealing with one right now, and i just thought i'd ask how you guys deal with it. what do you guys consider just a pain, or when do you throw in the towel and kick...
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    branden steineckert

    are there any branden steineckert fans here? he's the former drummer of the used and the current drummer of rancid (two of my all time favorite bands). does anyone else like his playing?