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    Need introductions for songs urgently for prom !

    Hey guys. Been MIA in DML for quite some time, due to some major exam. Well, its over now and I'm back ! :D I need some help, my band is performing for my school prom in a week's time and my band hasn't come up with the tracklist to jam. What do you guys recommend ? I personally love metal...
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    5B sticks.

    Hey guys. My friend gave me a 5b stick as a present not long ago. I tried it out and was kinda shocked. The size of it fits my hand perfectly, and its like. . theres no losing of grip from my hands when using it. However, the sticks are limited editions and i wont want to use it and damage them...
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    Electronic drums Vs Acoustic drums.

    I'm thinking of getting my first kit. And i think it'll be more towards a practice kit to improve my drumming. I live in an apartment with many neighbours above, below, and beside my flat. Its kinda like a block of flats. I think they'll complaint if i drum. I'm thinking of e-drums for the...
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    Is online shopping safe ?

    Okay, so i'm thinking to buy a drum set online. The music stores in my area; country, don't sell good offers. And the packages they offer totally sucks. I have been surfing through websites and found some rather attractive drum-sets and prices. Problem is, i have never brought anything online...
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    So crappy. .

    Okay, me and my band jammed yesterday and invited some of our friends to like, grade us and give us comments. Since its like a month to my gig. The whole thing was a crash ! I had a drummer friend to give me some comments too. Okay, so when i first reached the jamming studio, i realised the...
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    Arghh, my ears !

    I was jamming today and after i left the studio, i realised my left ear was sorta abit deaf. Usually that happens after i jam, but not as worst as this time. It'll go back to normal after maybe about 45 mins or so. But today i got real high and raped the cymbals and hi-hat real hard. Since i'm a...
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    First Gig ! =(

    Okay, I'm having my first gig performance in my school carnival. It's around 11 March 2008 ? Plus, alot of experienced bands in my school are performing in that performance during the carnival. And, the best drummer in my school is kinda performing with his band also ? I'm afraid i'll get mocked...
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    Fills and Licks

    Hey, just wondering. Anyone has groovy or nice fills and/or licks to share with me ? I'm trying to get more ideas. Websites to get me started will do too. Thanks. :)
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    Practice Pads

    Hey guys, I'm new here and am thinking to geting a practice pad to get started. So which brand/type of practice pads do you guys recommend ? Or do all practice pads sound and feel the same ? My music store nearby sells a pad for 40 Singapore dollars. (I'm from Singapore so i don't know how to...
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    A newbie that needs help !

    Hi guys ! I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I'm a 15-year old guy that's in love with drums. Period. :D I have been learning drum beats myself(self-taught) for around a year or so. Currently i can't get my own drumset and a drum teacher to teach me yet. Do you guys have any...