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    REMO Resonant drum heads

    Hi everyone. I have a DW and was wondering if I am the only drummer to use REMO Diplomats for resonant heads? I`ve tried alot of different batter heads and I am now back with REMO clear emporers.
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    DW Floor Tom Problem

    Hi, I have Dw in natural satin oil, 22,12,14 and I want a 16 to go with the 14. I live in the UK and every shop here wants insane money for a new one. I`m trying to find one second hand. Does anyone have advice on where I could look for one? Thanks for reading.
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    [b]My Band playing with Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses)! [/b]

    Yes, that's right - this Monday 15th September, we'll be opening the show for Duff McKagan's (Guns n Roses/Velvet Revolver) side project - Loaded at the Carling Academy in Liverpool, UK We have a (almost) half price guestlist which is £8 instead of £15, so if you're coming along, then message...
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    Axis double for sale

    Anyone interested, Check it out on e-bay
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    Swap my DW for yours? UK

    Hi, I`ve got a DW 22,8,10,12,14 in natural satin oil but I still want a DW but in 22,12,14,16 any colour Call me on 07792287829
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    Axis X Double pedal for sale

    Have search for it on E-bay if your interested
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    Problems counting in songs in a band

    Hello, I`ve been playing drums for about 10 years. I`ve done lots of session work, played with lots of bands. Never had a problem with my timing and can play no problem with a click. However the band I`m in now are getting close to being signed and the band keep bringing up the issue saying once...
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    What Paradiddle do you use most?

    I used to use reverse para`s in some of my fills but I now focus on using just straight para-diddles. I don`t know if its just a phase or whether they actual do just sound better. What`s everybody else think?
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    Speed or Groove!!

    What would you rather have your reputation be?
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    How tight do you have your spring tension?

    Hello people, I own a AXIS X-series double pedal and was wondering how people like there spring tension. I can never decide. If I have it loose I feel more in the groove but when I play in my punk band I then suffer. What`s every ones views?
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    Axis Pedal noise problems, Rattling.

    Hello there, Can anyone help me? I own a axis X series double-kick pedal and I've owned it for over 3 years. However it has developed a rattle on the joint between the kick plate and floor plate. I am hoping one of you may have had a similar problem and could tell me how you solved it. The...
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    Replacement parts for DW`s

    Any body know of where to get DW hardware fix and get replacement parts?
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    New Band `End of the Beginning`

    Hi people and thank you for reading. If you want to check out some top of the range drumming have a look on They`ve got a live track on there thats amazing. see what you think for yourself.