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    Drummer web sites

    I am in the same boat as you. Always looking for good videos, blogs, books, ect on drumming. I am glad I found a forum at least. I am liking it quite a lot thus far. A lot easier than asking questions on some random blog post like I was doing.
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    Light Hardware

    What would be the difference here with light hardware? I had no idea there was hard vs light myself. Still learning here. I saw this thread though and it caught my eye so O am curious about it.
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    Fun with flamacues

    I liked your other video some I am just going to sub and check them all out. You are very easy to listen to and follow for sure. Hoping your quick lessons help get me started!
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    Want to learn to read drum music?

    I was reading some reviews on Amazon for books like this and was on the fence about it. Like I have no idea which one would be best. What makes your book better than the others out there? I would be happy to give it a go if you can tell me :mrgreen:
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    warm ups and stretches

    Bookmarking this page for myself and I will check out the video for sure. You made this all very easy to understand and as someone fresh to drums, I like that! So many things I have read online over complicate it!
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    a walk through stick control - g l stone

    Is there suppose to be a video here? I am actually curious about this. I was debating on getting a few different books and this one caught my eye.
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    how to hit a drum

    I honestly had no idea there was a right and wrong way to hit a drum. This video was actually informative. I didn't know that about the floor toms either. Already learning things and I am new still!
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    DIY cajon project - success - with video file

    That does sound very good. I have decent speakers and I can hear the nice bass flow with the video. I am impressed you actually made this! I don't have these kinds of skills :roll:
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    Budget drumset for kids?

    I wish I had gotten in to drums as a kid. Something my music teacher in highschool always said was that it is better to start on good quality than bad quality instruments. They take more of a beating and you are able to know what sounds you are really making.
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    14" Rack Tom OR 14" Floor Tom???

    From what I read it depends on the quality and the style you play but most people seem to think floor toms are the best. I am still a noob when it comes to drums so take my advice with a grain of salt haha
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    Dan Caro Takes A Ride With Exodus Cymbals; New Endorser

    This sounds pretty interesting. I will check it out a bit later. I am always looking for the latest in everything so why not drums too? 8)
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    Girls To Get Their Groove On For Second Annual "Hit Like A G

    I had a friend in highschool. Her name was Samantha. She was a tomboy and fit in with all us guys. I can tell you one thing, she played drums better than any dude at our school! It was unbelievable. I think it is a shame women need to be reminded they can be great drummers too but I am glad to...
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    Anyone into gaming?

    I am always looking for more PC based gamers to play with online. A lot of my friends went to different colleges or not at all, and we just parted ways. Most of them played on consoles anyways. I play games through Steam for the most part. I recently got that new Cuphead game and it has opened...
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    Steve Stockmal Saw this video and it stuck out to me. I really want to learn how to do this! His skill level is amazing. I don't know much on him outside from him being a teacher.
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    Why are vintage drums so much more expensive?

    I was looking at some vintage ones as well as vintage style ones and they are double, if not triple the amount of standard ones. Is there a major difference in how they are made and what kind of music they can produce? I am just confused as to why the price range is so different here.