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    Scott I'd like to know

    more about my signs! :D
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    anyone up for a game?

    truth or dare! we play this on a dreadlock forum i post on, it ended up being pretty hilarious. pretty much it's dare/dare but if you want to wuss out with a truth you can. anyway if you do a dare you have to take a picture and post it that's pretty much how it works. sooo anybody want...
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    uploaded some tattoo and dread photos

    thought i'd share some pictures i uploaded today dreads so far - white face tattoos/ears - new neck tattoo/frizzy washed dreads -
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    new medicine man snare pics

    posted this over at UGW, thought you guys would like them as well :D :D alright, got ahold of a USB chord finally so PICTURES!! here you go guys,
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    cymbal experiment

    i just filled the bath tub with water and put my 16" china in there i'm going to leave it for the day let it air dry over night and repeat that for awhile just to see happens kinda of speed up the patina process will let you guys know the results and if it sounds good still
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    anybody else

    have dreads? i let my hair grow a little past my shoulders and started my journey into dreadlocks a few weeks ago these are my biggest motivators right now near future far future dreads are called "babies" until after your first year then "teenagers" from 1-4 once they hit the 5 year...
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    halloween show/cook out BBQ

    Goliath Meets the Stone is my band, first show with our new bass play hopefully someone will record it so i can put up a video this is also a benefit show so i can make some money for my new set soo should be fun i'll let you know how it goes
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    everything ruined dudes

    our house flash flooded last night, and we're currently up to our waist in water in our basement i didn't ever think our basement would flood like it did me and my bandmates had everything on risers just in case but never imagined anything like this my drums are ruined i called my landlord...
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    hey everyone

    with all the new guys that are on here it's hard to keep track of who's who i think we should have an introduction thread tell us who you are a little about you what kind of music you play what kind of equipment you play etc. etc. just a thought :D i guess i'll start.. i'm Ryan, i'm 19...
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    Musical taste "defines personality"

    this is pretty interesting, it goes through and explains how different musical taste has to do with different personality traits ... n_music_dc
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    i'm seriously upset

    i just got off the phone with trick, after saving and finally having enough for a set of pro 1vs turns out none of their pedals can be converted to lefty wow, really? i asked him why and he said "well, because leftys are slim to none and i'm sorry but it would cost a lot to re-tool our...
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    guys my vision quest (is done)

    "a vision quest is a spiritual adventure, a process of going out into nature, with clear intention, and away from the distractions of everyday life and being with the wonders of our god it is sacred time of change, a passage into a new and often deeper level of one's spirituality. it's a rite...
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    vbell came today

    my 6" vbell that i won on ebay came today, i'm at work and want to get out of here asap to check it out i've been wanting one to try out so i'm stoked pictures and a review are soon to come
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    just won a 6" saluda v bell on ebay 37 bucks for a 100 dollar cymbal heeell yeah!! :D :D :D
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    do you work a day job were you can be on a computer? i notice you're on during the day like i am, i've got a computer at my shop and when no ones in i just sit and DML :D anyone else?