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    Tom problems...

    so, i have a tama swingstar set, kinda shitty but i make it work. however, my only problem is i can't get my toms to sound like i want them too. I have stock resonant heads still and aquarian response II batter heads. when i put the aquarians on and tuned both heads the way i wanted to, it was...
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    I just went to the metal blade 25t anniversary show with cannibal corpse, the black dahlia murder, the red chord, goatwhore, and the absence. It was an amazing show, and i was surpised to see that 3 out of the 5 drummers (cannibal corpse, TBDM, and the absence) used Ddrum kits. i havent heard to...
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    Shannon Lucas

    Any one heard the new Black Dahlia Murder CD? what are your thoughts on shannon's drumming? i thought he did a really good job. not as impressive as zack gibson on miasma but still pretty damn good.
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    Death metal from massachusetts. CHECK US OUT!

    My bands called A March Toward The End Of Days. we're from central mass. give us a listen.
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    my pedal is brokenish...?

    so my gibraltar prowler double pedal just started acting up. the cam drive wont stay attached to the main pedal....the hardware seems fine and it seems like it started right after i adjusted my spring tension. any suggestions?
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    Jon Rice's Ddrum kit

    Does any one know what kind it is exactly? i cant find any info on it any where and i dont know to much about ddrum. it sounds great tho.
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    Cast and sheet

    Whats the difference?
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    Know what i hate...

    The fact that guitarists and bassist can pretty much practice whenever the hell they want, in front of the tv, whatever. i went on vacation this week and my bassist brother was able to practice and right all week...that just pisses me off...just ranting...but damn
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    snare head help asap!!

    hey i need a snare head that will give me a good crack on a 7x12 maple black panther. I need a suggestion as soon as possible cuz i have a show soon. any ideas?
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    zxt rock ride

    I need to upgrade rides and i was looking at this one. Any one have any opinions for or against? i play in a death metal band and i need a good cutting bell on my ride. Is the zxt the way to go?
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    Gravtiy Blast?

    What exactly is a gravity blast? ive heard of them and i think i have a general idea (very generaL) but what do you guys know about them?
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    A March Toward The End Of Days-Death Metal from Massachusett

    Check out my bands new songs, we just recorded a 6 song Ep- ... d=79865075
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    Taylor Hawkins for coheed??

    I heard on the radio this morning that Taylor Hawkins is going to drum on Coheed's new album, im not sure how i feel about this cuz hes deffinetly no josh eppard. Any thoughts?
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    Nylon Vs. Wood tips

    Me and a fellow drummer recently had a discussion over wether nylon tips sounded better on drums and cymbals or wooden tips. I personally prefer nylon tips, especially on the bell of my ride. Any specific preferences?
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    Bass clicking

    As a drummer in a metal band i preffer the clicking sound on bass drums like vinnie paul, or chris adler. Any ideas how they get that sound? right now i have a click pad on my superkick II and my beaters or turned around so the plastic is hitting the bass. I like the way it sounds but its not...