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    Modern Drummer - 25 Drumming Gods!

    Hey, a couple of days ago i picked up the limited edition issue of modern drummer mag - 25 drumming gods! Its a very good mag :D Drummers such as John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Keith Moon, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Terry Bozzio & Travis Barker are mentioned. There are some very very nice write ups on...
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    Easton Stick Wrap/Tape

    if you've heard of this stick tape, have any of you got some links on where to buy it? i'm looking into trying some out but i cant find a link.
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    Cymbal Durability

    what are your experiences with cymbals and their durability? what brand makes the most durable cymbals in your opinions? if i've left any cymbal companies out, please say so. ~Scott~
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    Thinner Crash's

    hey guys, buying some new A Custom Crash's soon, looking into buying the 18" & 19 " projection crash's (brillient finish). my question being.... is it true that thinner crash's break less than thick ones? since the thin ones bend more they dont recieve as much of the impact as a heavy one does...
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    Drum books/dvd's

    can anyone recommend some of the best books/dvd's etc... for all aspects of drumming. I've heard good thingd about Thomas Lang's creative control dvd and George Lawrence Stone's stick control book. are these two as good as they say? Any other suggestions? Thanx
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    Jam Block-age

    excluding the mounting bracket, is there any other things to attach the LP jam blocks too? i've heard they attach to cymbal stands, any ones. thinking of buying the LP low-pitched jam block, need advice on mounting it basically, any help would be apprieciated, thanx alot. Leave your feed-back...
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    Spring Tension

    hey guys, i've bought a Yamaha FP 8210 single bass drum pedal recently and i wanna know, what spring tension do i need for it to be as smooth as possible, for faster playing. any help would be apprieciated :D
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    anyone used Sligerland drums? i've heard alot of good things about them...are the worth the cash is is there a kit in the same price range of a better quality?
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    Hey guys, new forum page open :D (Thanx Greg) Share your thoughts about E-Drums here! what would u say are the best ones to buy for a good price?
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    Merry Xmas!

    Merry xmas everyone!! hope you all have a great day! and a great holiday season!! Post here, to tell me how your xmas day goes! :D Happy holidays!! ~Scott~
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    what is your favorite sounding Tama drums? Starclassic Maple? Starclassic B/B? Starclassic B/B EFX? or perhaps one of the lower level models?... i want to know your opinions on Tama drums :roll:
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    3 Word Story

    most of you know the rules to this game :lol: its simple, one person types three words tht fit into a sentance, then the next person who posts, puts anothers 3 words down, but they dont have to relate to the previous 3, as long as your words make sence its ok.... i'll begin :lol: I Once Knew...
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    Separate Drums

    anyone know a good website where i can look into buying separate Tama Starclassic Maple drums, i cant find any anywhere :( thank you
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    Brilliant or Trad finish?

    what do you prefer? also, on a side note, is it true that cymbals with the brill finish crack quicker than trad? Share your thoughts
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    Tama or Dw Hardware?

    I would like to know your opinion on both Tama and Dw hardware, i want to know which one is better, for quality and for money, post your thought, thank you ~Scott~