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    PDP BOA pedal for sale

    $135 (shipping included) takes it. feel free to email with questions.
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    one of my side projects...

    just put three songs up from an ep we finished recording over a year ago. we're finally getting around to putting it out... as you can see by our page, we don't take much seriously. we started out as a band called farewell tour in 1999 and after a...
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    gibraltar flat-base stands?

    anyone out there own / ever try these? i ordered a few of them to replace my heavy duty DW hardware on gigs where we're pressed for car space. heck... if they work out and can...
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    how does it feel to die?

    they were talking about this on a local radio station this morning. pretty interesting, if not a little morbid: ... o-die.html
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    part of the reason i'm not on here as much anymore...

    <embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src=""> man, kid's are great.
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    free used drum heads. just pay shipping.

    while cleaning out our practice space, i came across a bunch of used drum heads. i have absolutely no use for them, but it kills me to just throw them out because overall i think nearly all of them are in decent shape. i just change my heads frequently. this might be great for someone that...
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    12x6.5 hand hammered brass snare for sale **UPDATED**

    i'm broke. never play it. the band i bought it for has pretty much broken up. 12x6.5 hand hammered brass snare made by diamond drums. never heard of them. i won this off ebay... with that being said... it is an awesome snare. sounds great. looks fantastic. excellent shape. i'd even say it...
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    cymbal sizzlers?

    i've really wanted to add a "sizzle" cymbal (see: cymbal with rivets) to my kit for some time, but i just can't justify dropping that kind of cash on a cymbal that will only be used on a handful of songs.... and since i only play with two crashes, i'd hate to either be forced to swap out cymbals...
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    trouble with DW 9700 boom stands?

    so... i've been playing dw cymbal stand exclusively for.... man... ten years (jesus, i'm getting old...) i use three 9700 boom stands. two of them are pushing 6 or 7 years old. the other one's about 3 years old... on EVERY single one of my stands, the little "screw" that holds the boom arm to...
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    wood hoops.... anyone?

    well... thanks to a recent promotion and a ton of overtime, i've got a few extra dollars on my hands with nothing to spend it on. i suppose i could save it... but really... what the hell's the fun in that? i really don't need any gear, but i've been contemplating putting maple hoops on my...
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    puresound snare wires

    anyone else use them? what are your opinions? i'm going to be completely honest... i splurged and purchased a set for my new snare and i honestly don't think they made my snare sound any better than a $7 generic snare.
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    staining / dying hoops

    hey PJ - how do you stain / dye your bass drum hoops? do you hang them or do you do them while they're lying flat? i'm about ready to do some black ones for a friend of mine and i'm not sure what the best way to go about doing them is... i've only done natural / clear coats... to me, doing...
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    finally got around to taking pics of my kit

    after many, many months of procrastinating, i finally brought my camera to band practice and took some pictures of my kit. pretty basic set up, i know... but i likes to keep it simple... specs: drums: i made 'em. logo on the kick says 'emma's drum company'. it's a joke. i don't consider...
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    rikki rockett arrested on rape charges...

    anyone else hear about this? not a poison fan or anything, but wow. not cool.
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    Pearl Eliminator Adjustable Snare Stand for sale

    hey everyone... i've got a damn near brand new pearl eliminator snare stand for sale. i used it for one practice and one show. it's sat ever since. reason for sale: even at it's lowest setting, it's way too high for me. the basket is adjustable and will fit 12-16 inch drums. purchased from...