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    been recording some drum covers!

    and more to come. here's one. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
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    just got back from first tour on BASS instead of DRUMS

    i dunno if any of you remember but i recently switched from drums to bass, and then we left on tour. here's some pics! i miss drums but there's a whole different dynamic to bass that is fun and i get to sing alot more. i couldn't wait to get home so i could drum though.
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    i know some of you keep up with freeforall...sort of. read!

    we changed our name. check it out. we went official with me on bass, too. fun times! we're touring in august, so if you live in TEXAS, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, NEW MEXICO, WASHINGTON, MINNESOTA, or OKLAHOMA, check out page and see if you can make it to a show! love you guys.
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    pretty big dilemma, your opinions would really help!

    our bass player is on his way out of the band, his heart just really isn't anymore so he's only staying until we get someone else. a guy who used to play drums in a band we played with occasionally is wanting to come in on bass, and that's all well and good. however, he's sort of a bigger guy...
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    took new pictures of the gretsch.

    yeah i was bored. enjoy.
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    and you thought MY cymbal setup was impractical....=P

    drummer for a band we played with the other night.
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    underoath's drummer getting thumb surgery

    don't watch if you don't like blood. i hope i never have to do this. ... line-tour/
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    couple of songs from tonight!

    i really wish the girl would have filmed one of the songs she DIDN'T record last time but anyways, here's a clip from our show tonight. <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode"...
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    show tonight, help please?

    i always take my snare out of the van and take it home the day before a show so i can make sure i have it all tuned up nice before we play. i was messing with it today, because at practice yesterday it developed a pretty bad ring. and now i can't get it to go away. it's all top head ring...
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    just found out i can order an add on floortom for my kit

    i had no idea they made add on drums for the gretsch catalina club mod! i'm super excited! i'm ordering a 12 x 14 floortom as soon as i possibly can, which will push back me getting a snare made but i want the floortom more. =]
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    super slow mo cymbal hit

    if you haven't ever seen this, watch it! it's amazing. ... lvideo.htm
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    snare plys &such

    planning on getting a snare from timekeep fairly soon, and i had some questions about plys. i know i want maple, and i was going to just get 10ply. but the snare now i have is 10ply, and even with an emperor x as my head there's still more ring then i care for. i've tried severallll different...
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    JUST got a free pair of new beats!

    that makes me happy.
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    newest pictures from last tour

    Strap in, there's a few. this is from december. but i thought i should still share it with you haha. there was a lot more but they were mostly dumb or blurry.
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    durability of wood hoops

    i'm currently saving to get a custom snare made and i've been considering getting the yamaha style wood hoops on it, does anyone know how durable those are. i think they look and sound great but i wouldn't want to have to replace them a lot.