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    Huub Janssen - Check this awesome Jazz drummer out

    Hello all, IMO, If anyone could have taken the place of the great Buddy Rich, It's this man. Check out his solos. This guy is fantastic :) Unfortunately, Mr. Janssen passed away a couple weeks ago. He was one of the few Dutch drummers to reach world acclaim. RIP Huub...
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    An important warning to Mapex users

    Hello, I just noticed that my Mapex Saturn Pro's bassdrum is slightly warped. Probably due to the weight of the mountint bracket, and toms that it was supporting. I took all that off, but its still a little bent. If you have a Saturn kit, and you have your toms mounted on the bassdrum, I highly...
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    Carmine Appice - The Founder of heavy drumming

    Check out this video of Vanilla fudge i found on youtube. Carmine is at the top of his game here. Totally awesome drumming, and excellent band. I have to show him alot of respect. Afterall, without Carmine, John Bonham would have played ALOT different. Who else here likes Carmine...
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    Simon Phillips anyone?

    Who here has been inspired by this drummer? I think his drumming is quite brilliant. Remindes me of Bill Cobham.
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    Billy Cobham & Elvin Jones

    These two wonderful drummers are the sole reason why I started playing drums so many years ago. They both have inspired me greatly, and have been a huge influence on my playing. Who else has been inspired by either, or both of these drummers? Rob
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    John Bonham or Kieth Moon...Who do you personally prefer?

    Hello all... (No this is not a stupid "Which drummer is better?" thread) Which one has inspired you more? I personally would have to go for Kieth Moon. I believe his power, unique playing style, and almost limitless energy has never been matched, and I doubt it will be. He's also a complete...
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    Taye Studiomaple, or Mapex Saturn - Which would you choose?

    Hello everyone! I've narrowed my search down to two choices. The taye studiomaple, and the Mapex saturn. I can't decide which one to get. They both seem to be great sets. What do ya all think? Rob
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    My new funk/jazz band, Phonic Fury in San Diego

    Hello :) Check out some jams from my new band, Phonic Fury. We play funk/Jazz/Fusion. San Diego based. Happy drumming! Rob
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    Spaun Drums

    Who here has heard of and been to the Spaun website? Those are some of the coolest looking drums I have ever seen. I've only heard one of their sets, and it sounded fantastic. What do you all think of Spaun? Rob
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    Yamaha or Pearl - Which would you choose?

    Hello, I'm wondering who would choose Yamaha and who would choose Pearl. They are both great companies with alot to offer. Although, I'm beggining to believe that Pearl's drum shells are better made. cheers
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    Remo Suede - Anyone use these?

    Anyone use the Remo Suede heads? how are they? Rob
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    Pearl Session Custom and Pearl Masters Series - Who has one?

    Who has either of these sets? How do they sound? Do you like them? rob
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    Gretsch New Classic Series - Who has one?

    Anyone have the Gretsch New Classic Series? I'm curious as to how they sound, and the overall quality of the hardware. rob
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    What drumheads do you like to use?

    Hello, I'm wondering what drumheads everyone uses? I personally can't decide between Remo and Evans. Remo has Fiberskyns, which i love, but Evans has better coated heads i think. What Ya'll think??
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    The Police Reunite - Who's ready to see Stewart?

    I'm very happy they're finally getting back together. I love this band. I've always been a huge fan of Stewart Copland, and what he has done for the drums. Who else holds Stewart as an inspiration? cheers