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    Lug Dope?

    One of my snares has a problem with tension rods loosening (sometimes falling out) I know of lug locks but I break heads so much that the lug locks would impede a quick repair I know that violins have stuff called "peg dope" It is a paste that you apply to the pegs to provide some grip in order...
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    The difficulty of electronics in a live situation

    Having been on both sides of the stage during live performances that include electronics, I would have to say that there's an often overlooked aspect The traditional rock band situation with all live instruments plugged into amps accompanied by drums provides lots of stage volume for the person...
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    Even I can learn from compromising every once in a while

    My producer, who was used to my attitude in the studio last time we worked together shepishly asked me if I would consider triggering my bass drum He was a bit gun shy because the last time we worked together, I was all about keeping my sound as "pure" as possible We spent such a long time...
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    "F!" the club scene (Rockula's rant)

    Obviously, this is not the only place I hear people bitching about how poorly they get treated by music venues It is a universal bitch The problems are the same everywhere They don't rsepect you and your music They pay for shit They'd rather book cover bands and tribute act than original music...
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    Surely a fleting victory but a victory nonetheles Like Larry Craig becoming ensnared by his own arrogance, this one made me jump out of my seat and cheer They held a protest here in Minneapolis and a group of homosexual bikers formed a wall of Harleys They revved their engines...
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    Technique v.s. Emotion

    My recent encounter with my old band playing the material differently inspired me to bring this subject to light Jen and I were sitting in the basement of the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis talking while she warmed up The drummer from one of the other bands was there and was completely...
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    I'm Sorry

    I am going to change my screen name to Ghengis Kahn-ula!
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    pride V.S. opportunity

    I just thought that I would share this wih everyone Hopefully, no one will think my comments are aimed at them I had a very bitter breakup with my old band from Minneapolis Three years later, I am now back in Mpls to work with my old producer I had just completed a 15 hour drive and arrived at...
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    Porn Terrorism

    I am crashing on my friend Sombra's floor for a month Living at Sombra's aprtment complex is like living in a dorm only with street punks Two of the most prominent punks are Matt and "Street Punk" Ryan Street Punk has a second nickname and that is "Sid" No, he doesn't look anything like Sid...
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    You call that music?!?!?

    Zappa has a song by the same title but it seems to apply to a good majority of artists that I listen to These artists tend to be hard to digest but that just eems to make them more attractive Of course, Zappa was my first and his eclectic nature prepared me for all kinds of weird experimental...
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    At least someone at the top dares to speak up

    I WASN'T going to buy the new NIN until I read this Now I am going to a local independant shop and buying it Here's why,21985,21741980-5006024,00.html
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    Proof that your band sucks

    This site is both hilarious and depressing Think your band is unique? Think again There's a thousand bands out there just like you and they have the same tired ass promo shot As you check out this site remember this You don't have to make the same mistakes these douchebags did WARNING! This...
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    The rehearsal studio

    I have had my share of rehearsal studios on both sides of the good/bad meter Some of them even happened in the same building! The one that sticks in my mind as being the coolest was "The Dungeon" This was a decrepit VFW hall on the not so sunny side of Minneapolis The whole thing was gutted and...
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    Cable operated BASS DRUM PEDAL?

    I was talking about Bozzio in the store just now and I remerked "If anyone is going to play a cable operated bass drum pedal, it will be Bozzio" The guitar guy stated that his drummer is talking about wanting to buy "that new remote bass drum pedal" I asked if it was a "slave" pedal with a...
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    Anyone remember NORTH drums?

    The thread about making drums out of metal pipes made me think about the different materials drums are made from These things were wacky!! Fiberglass drums