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    Resonant heads

    Do resonant heads really influence the sound of your drums? Ive had my drum set for a couple years now and im finally getting around to changing the stock resonant heads on my toms i have remo pinstripes on the tops. I just ordered some aquarian classic clear heads for my bottoms, how much will...
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    Staining my drums?

    One morning i got this crazy idea to take the wrap off my shells and stain the wood underneath, ive been pondering this idea for a couple weeks now so yesterday i finally got the nerve to take off the wrap on one of my toms it was pretty simple; not much glue it just needs sanding in a few spots...
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    metal and hardcore

    First off i have been drumming for around two years, and im trying to figure it out without having to take lessons. (cause i cant really afford them) I would like to get into metal and hardcore drumming. So pretty much im looking for some tips and insight. Anything would be helpful. Thanks.