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    Great video of a buddy of mine - Glen Sobel. Great drummer

    Great video of a buddy of mine. Great drummer
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    Painting questions

    I'm starting to think about painting my drums. I have some questions for anyone who has painted a drum that is already finished. 1. Do you sand the whole previous paint job off or just a light sanding. 2. I'm thinking I should start with primer to get a good base coat surface, do you think...
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    Heads up for Danny Carey fans in So. Cal.

    At the Baked Potato Feb 22 3787 Cahuenga Blvd West. Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 980-1615 ****** V O L T O ****** DANNY CAREY on DRUMS from TOOL KIRK COVINGTON on VOC/KEYS/DRUMS from TRIBAL TEC LANCE MORRISON on BASS from DON HENELY and everyone else JOHN ZEIGLER on GUITAR from PIGMY LOVE...
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    Who knew these guys could play this?!?!

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    Formula 1

    Just wondering if there are any Formula 1 fans out there. This last season was pretty exciting. Things should be pretty interesting this year.
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    I found the perfect combination

    DW 9000 double pedal with Tama Iron Cobra beaters (felt) carried in the Pearl Eliminator bag/case with a 6"x10" 1" thick piece of wood in the bottom so the pedal has a flush surface to sit on when the bag is standing upright.
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    My new Pacific LX Kit and the old Pearls

    Here are two of my kits. The Pacific is new (year old) and Maple. The Pearl is Birch from 1985. I got the Pacifics because I wanted that warmer Maple sound. Real happy with them.
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    Great solo, fastest singles ever.

    Ladies and Gentlemen Buddy Rich. I posted this in another topic but I felt that it needed it's own topic. The final two and a half minutes are devastating.
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    Great Drum Catalog

    Hey, I don't know if this place has been brought up before and I don't work for or even know anyone who works for this place but as a drummer I think this place is good. I'm lucky enough to live near a good music store with a good drum section and cool people...
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    What's your opinion on Mike Portnoy's Siamese Monster Kit?

    Let's start off with, I like Mike Portnoy. Think his playing/songwriting is great. Have CDs and DVD's of his. My only critique of his playing would be that I don't like the way he slaps at his drums instead of laying into them but that's just a personal preference. But, I think that Siamese...