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    Does Anyone Else...

    ...get tingles in their nether regions when they get a realllly good rim shot? :D i don't know why, but it's probably my favorite sound you can get out of a drumset..
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    Bass Drum Heads

    YO! i got a question for yous guys! :P currently i have all Remo Ebony Ambassador heads on my kit, an ill be gettin a black snare drum head as well soon..i wanted to go so far as to even black out my bass drum heads.. the reso heads are already black an have the Ddrum logo on em, but i got...
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    porthole question

    does anyone think a three inch hole is too small for a bass drum porthole? when i play live, they never put the mic in the bass drum, jus near the hole, so if the hole is only 3 inches will air like "puff" out an make my bass sound like a open ass fart?.. pardon the simile..
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    help me out peeps

    does anyone know of a cost efficient way to make my chain drive pedals direct drive?
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    North and Staccato Drums

    does anyone else find North and Staccato drums absolutely beautiful? <img src=""> <img src=""> <img src=""> <img src=""> <img...
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    man do i love guitar center.. they had a really nice Ddrum double bass kit on sale for 650, an they had to get rid of it cuz its last years model so i got it for 450.. man did i luck out..
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    Chain Drive VS. Strap Drive Double Pedals

    I can't decide which is better for me. Im relatively comfortable with chain drive, but people have told me that nylon strap driven pedals feel smoother and enable you to go faster and keep more constant 16ths an 32nds. It makes sense to me, but i wanted to get some second opinions. What do you...