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    new stuff

    hey guys, recorded some new stuff recently. doin the whole "one man band" thing, check it out
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    Got myself a new cymbal!!!

    19'' Zildjian K Custom Hybrid crash cymbal, i haven't gotten myself a brand new big name cymbal in forever so i was very excited about this one. anyone ever try these out? im still warming up to it, its very different than any other cymbal Ive used. its the first crash I feel comfortable riding...
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    new band, new video

    this is a song we're working on titled "Why Do I Have To Be Mr. Pink?". thoughts, comments, and constructive criticism appreciated :P <object width="640" height="505"><param name="movie"...
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    dream interpreters?!

    Okay, so I had a drumming dream and what better way to get some interpretations than from fellow drummers. It's nothing too crazy, but had me feeling alittle odd when I woke up. It started out with someone hearing my drums, I have a set of Yamaha Stage Customs in a black wood grain finish. I...
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    Trade: 18'' Sabian Vault Crash Cymbal

    18'' Sabian Vault Crash Cymbal, no cracks or anything. Though it does have that green build up on it (patina I've heard it called?), a couple scratches, and some finger prints. Used this for a few years now and don't have money to buy anything new but I feel like trying out something new. As...
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    i finally joined a new band

    check it out im really excited, the stuff is much more challenging then my last band. listen to truth, the end part was difficult to nail. its a 4 over 5 polyrhythm but then the guitars take on this wierd off time swing. really cool stuff, wish me luck :D
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    anybody watch this show on Shotime? Ive been a fan since the first season but I dunno about this third season. its cool and all...but theres not enough killing. its like a soap opera this season, it has so many sub plots its hard to keep up. it looks like some hollywood producers got thier hands...
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    Dino Campanella

    he is probably my favorite drummer. he plays for the band Dredg. he just puts so much energy into what he is playing, he can be playing a simple beat, kick on 1 and snare on 3 and it gets me feelin it. he doesn't only do drums, he's done movie scores, he plays piano...
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    me on the piano

    my old band just uploaded a track that i wrote on piano if you care to listen! its called "no one knows"
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    how do you calculate shipping

    i want to sell some old junk on ebay, how do you accurately calculate the shipping price? should i use usps, ups, fed ex? im very new to this, i think i may have shipped a birthday card to a friend once. maybe a pokemon card or two even but never something like a camera or an ipod. thanks in...
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    whats up with this guy?!

    remember the post i posted about my double bass pedal being gone? well i sent the guy a last thank you message and this is what i got back.... even though he was "nice enough" to return my pedals this guy is still abit of a jerk...
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    played a festival in southern md last saturday, it was a pretty cool show. except i left my brand new pearl eliminator double pedal there and just found out as i loaded for my show last night. i just got it like 3 months ago. im an idiot.
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    two year anniversary!

    ive been a DML member for two years today! wooo!
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    quick answers?!

    hey i know this should be in cymbals but im in kind of a rush, sorry! im going tomorrow morning to look at a pair of Zildjian K Hybrid 13'' hihats and i was wondering whats everyones experience has been with them? the guy is selling for 240. is that a good deal? im looking for something similar...
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    i left my band

    after 4 years of being with my band i finally called it quits. ill be playin my last show with them sept 27th. sucks, but it was my own choice. they're into the whole "pay to play" thing, not my cup of tea. i would also love to venture outside of the genre of "metal" and they just didn't do it...