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    can someone explain how to mix a recording

    i know it's probably super easy for you guys but i need tips on how to mix down tracks of like bass drum and snare drum sound and overhead. i'm using reaper and ableton live if thats of relelvance :?: :?:
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    Recording with a line 6 toneport

    has anyone recorded using a line 6 toneport. i have one but haven't got round to recording with it and just wondering if it's any good to record drums with.
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    Crashes as hi-hats?

    i read an article in RHTYHM recently about the drummer in Orson. He used two 18" zildjian K's as hi-hats. Do any of you use crashes as hi-hats...maybe even two rides!
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    Most Influential Song

    What was the song that made you pick up the sticks or that you class as one of your faves?
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    How To Record Drums

    I practise alot and try new stuff everytime. However, i tend to forget certain fills and grooves etc and its real annoying! I do write some notation down but it takes a while. What equipment can i buy that could record each practise session and how can i get it without recking my bank balance...