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    WOOO jus bort a new 18" bosphorus china

    i'll post a pic or a video soon , but i just bort it today and its amazing, my wallets now empty, but it was totally worth it. id never checked out bosphorus before, but id recomend their effects cymbals at least. its really trashy and the sustain isnt to long, stick response is pretty great...
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    cant fit my ride where i want it with 3 rack toms, HEEELLP

    m'kay, so about 2 years ago i got certain signature kit as u probably all knew, any way , i decided with 3 racks tom i cudnt get my ride where i wanted it, so i jus used 2 up ( 10" & 12") n jus stuck my 13 to the left, abe cunningham style. but after after recently re skinning my hole kit (...
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    latest set up

    nuthin special
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    my band only tends to play 4/4 6/8 and 12/8 n im stuck

    im not blaming the guitarists for not knowing enuff cool time signatures n wotever cuz its all fun to play to BUT, im running out of new beats and fills to play , especially the beats part as its a prog/death metal band n theres no room for latin cowbell grooves :cry: so i was hoping you guys...
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    xbox360: live

    yo guys, im sure some of you have this , one question , do i have to be 18 to buy this in the shops
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    big or little cymbals

    what size of crash/hi hats / ride etc do you prefur using dudes/dudettes ?
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    SCORCHED DEITY ( prog/death metal )

    <font>TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO ADD AND SUPPORT US, SCORCHED DEITY!!!a href="">ADD WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SCORCHEDDEITY we appreciate all your support.</font></b><br><br><center><br><br><br><img...
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    recently i left ALL my sticks at a gig , i feel completely stupid , and i rang the guysu p n they havent got em , so sum punk has got himself sum free sticks ( like 5 new pairs , d'oh ) not to worry i guess ill hav to get sum more, but i do feel really really dumb. at least it wasnt a cymbal bag
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    Any Drummer/Singers there ?

    any of you fantastic people out there sing whilst drumming ? aaaand dya think drummers secret make for better singers any way ?
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    I kno wuhans gona get a lot of votes here, but i love chinas so i wanted to kno which is ur fave china ever, do say the brand aswell
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    what difference do expensive pedals make

    do share. people boast that their brand new trick pro-1v's that cost as much as a car let them play at 250bpm and such but whats the different cuz im usin really bad pedals ( pearl p120p's) and after a quick warm up i cud probly reach about 240bpm, so is it really worth spending hundreds of...
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    Shows pic of you in the studio

    yes yes feel free to verbally detroy me if this thread has been posted before, i cudnt find it. i like studio kits, with all the mics n stuff, its just more fun to luk at cuz im odd, so here your chance to chuck pics of u in the studio i hav a couple( yes i know i luk stupid in them , you dont...
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    Im 'Married' to Zildjian but im tempted to mix n match

    theres nothin that says i cant ,buttheirs sumthin bout havin all of the same brand of cymbals that i like. i was thinkin bout cymbals ive played n i was thinkin of gettin sum more stagg cymbals cuz they lastfuckin ages, but they a bit trashy for me. n then i remember that i'd plays on sum...
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    Drum ideas we think of

    well ive had a few but so far i think most of them hav been done. share your drum set ideas a recent one of mine has been a remote hi hat set up(for the right foot) with an 18" china ( cup faced up ) with a 14" crash/ hi hat cymbal on top, this leaves me with a free stand , a china to whack n...
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    Got any pics of seriously big cymbals

    ive looked all over for hilariously big cymbals, just cuz their fun to look at. ive looked all over the saluda website n i cudnt find any thing bigger than 26" so, got any pics ?