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    gretsch kits

    hey there at the moment i have a catalina birch which i'll probably use for recording till i have enough money to upgrade and yeah among other things... i was just wondering if it will be a good kit to gig with, dont need nothing too special, i mean ive seen pearl forum poplar kits used live...
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    gretsch catalina birch value!!

    hey just wondering how much i could sell this kit for. in a 6 piece. very good condition. selling as a shell pack. i bought it for 1,400 AUD. with some zildjian and paiste cymbals which was a bargain for here. but looking to sell to upgrade to a renown or something of higher end. i was thinking...
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    Hey i know, i know y'all hate tabs. but i like them. I'm wondering if anyone has any "Between the Buried and Me" tabs. or maybe some "Elenium", "Chimaira - Resuurection Album", "August Burns Red" or just list some recommended songs/tabs to learn. i need some new shit. anyways i hope ya can...
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    gretsch renown

    what do you guys think of the kit. i've been in love with this kit for some time now. and thinking of purchasing one at some point in the future. are they good for recording as well as live situations? i got a Catalina birch atm. which i really like. so i thought they'd be a good investment...
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    Other Passions.

    just wondering what other passions you guys may have. and what type of career you fellas are doing? or maybe your career is in drumming? or maybe even studying? maybe you guys have some goals of such with drumming or away from drumming. just drop a few lines in here. see what each other's up...
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    gretsch renown maple

    is it ? and is it worth the price? it is in Australian dollars also. thx fellas :D[/url]
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    Gretsch Catalina Birch Vs. DW Pacific Cx Maple.. help?

    hey having a trouble comparing these tWo kits im interested in buying, i was hoping you guys could help me score the best deal and what you suggest could be a better option, don't get me wrong, both kits seem exceptionally stunning (and i know theres better KITS, but these r within the price...
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    any drummers here that play other instruments? im kinda a newbie to bass started early this year. still not sure whether to use bass as a tool for fun when not playing drums when having that need to play drums at ridiculous times of the early mornings and at night or to just pursue it as much...
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    Stick control vs. master studies. help?

    hey would it be stupid to purchase both stick control for the snare drummer and master studies I and II. or do they pretty much share the same exercises etc. or will it be beneficial to learn both these books? sorry if it's a lame question, just seems the best place to ask is here. never know...
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    advice on getting an electronic kit

    just wondering if it would be a good idea to purchase an electronic kit, nothing too expensive just to practice on, maybe to just do the practice pad stuff then maybe jump to the drumset or some shit? Confused. i also keep getting the cops come around for complaints and cant tell when to play...
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    UPGRADE TIME LADS!! need some advice

    hey hey hey its fat drummer and the single stroke drum roll gaang!! (hmmm...) anywaays, i need your expertise please. i'm after a semi-pro affordable maple or birch kit preferably 7 piece or 6 piece minimum. im also after a basic cymbal setup within reasonable price range. i'm also planning on...
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    Stick Control >>> George L Stone

    hey drummer brothers!, whats up?:) does anyone possibly know where i can either get stick control by George l stone to download or to buy. i live in Australia in a dead end town where i am having problems locating it. i can't even find a .torrent file for it on the net or a site with access to...
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    Practice routines

    hey all, trying to find some consistency in my playing just wanted to see if you legends around here think that i can benefit from this schedule i have made up, i have also added the derek roddy exercises in there too. and i have been told stick control for the snare drummer by george...