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    Zildjian Drumsets

    So I'm having a LONG conversation with my friend about the existence of a FULL zildjian drumkit. I'm not talking about cymbals. I'm talking about drum shells. I know they collaborated with Noble & Cogley and made a snare, but that is the extent to which I know zildjian has done for shells. So...
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    Trick VS. Axis

    I'm looking to sell off my DW 5000 single bass pedal and looking to upgrade to either a Trick or Axis. Any suggestions and/or reviews of said pedals. Things to keep in mind -single bass -customer service -build quality -price (bang for buck) Please let me know your thoughts on the newest to-be...
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    Drumset Signatures

    Does anyone know where to go for those custom drumset signatures some users have? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Set

    i've heard some mixed reviews about this drum-set. it seem you either love it or hate it. i'm contemplating on whether or not i wanna spend the mula for such a set. i've heard one in my local guitar center but i'd hate to spend the money only to notice that i got the guitar center curse [u walk...