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    Budget drumset for kids?

    Christmas is coming up, which means I get the opportunity to give the gift of loud noises—DRUMS!—to some little kiddos. Anyone have experiences with budget kid's drumsets? None of those crappy ones. I want the real deal. Here's one that I know of that seems really fairly priced...
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    Help! Offbeat gospel lick explanation wanted Aaron Spears offers a great example, but his explanation wasn't nearly as good. He basically says, "just feel it." As someone who wants to figure out how to construct these kinds of fills that "shift the one," I need a more structured explanation. Can...
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    Looking for 16" bass drum

    That's 16" wide. Not too picky about length. DM me please.
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    Pearl Firecracker Popcorn 10x5 Snare

    Currently at $50 on eBay. ... %3DSelling
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    Jonathan Bucklew

    he's not huge, but i'm sure he's got a loyal following. he's the current drummer for the band copeland, based in florida. such a musical drummer, and his studio work with producer matt goldman (also a drummer) is so fresh. they use tasteful effects on the drums, and pay lots of attention to...
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    tama iron cobra double pedal and hi-hat

    both are used, but as with any touring-grade equipment, they function perfectly. both are chain-driven, and i'm pretty sure the double-pedal is a power glide. double-pedal comes with a lightweight molded plastic hard case and original accessories. the hi-hat stand only has two legs, so it was...
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    pearl hardware up the wazoo!

    (2) $15—AX-20 bi-clamps (1) $20—AX-38 tri-clamp (2) $40—single-braced straight stands (2) $60—double-braced...
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    t-shirts for drummers?

    has anyone seen a designer create specific t-shirts paying tribute to the best instrument in the world? i'll see all these t-shirts for guitarists and whatnot, but rarely for drummers. what's up with that?
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    Rare Pearl Custom Drums w/ or w/o hardware

    Rare Custom Pearl Prestige Session Select - Black Mist lacquer finish <p>I can sell this kit with its hardware, or without the hardware as a shell pack. If I sell the shell pack, I must sell the shells with the ISS suspension mounts. The throne, snare, and Zildjian K cymbals are not...
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    SKB Cymbal Case/Vault

    The SKB SKB-CV8 Roto-X Cymbal Vault retails for $110 on musiciansfriend and has 5 stars. it's a really quality case, and this has never been abused. bought it from guitar center brand new less than a year ago, and i've traveled with it half a dozen times. all accessories are there, such as the...
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    WANTED: Complete Jazz Gigging Setup

    i'm starting from scratch, and here's what i need: 18" bass drum 14" piccolo snare drum (maple or brass... or any other suggestions) one rack tom (preferably 10") one floor tom (preferably 14") hi-hat stand one lightweight boom stand bass pedal lightweight throne i would ask for cymbals too...
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    lightest sticks

    i heard that a jazz drummer friend of mine was looking to get endorsed by a drum stick company that claims to make the lightest sticks. the light weight is especially suitable for jazz players, and because i'm looking to get into jazz, i wanna find those sticks! anyone know what they are? or...
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    from newbie to jazz gigs in one month

    although i'm not a newbie, i am a newbie at jazz, and this is the dilemma i'm in: i've been asked to audition for a promising jazz quartet, and i see it as the perfect opportunity to buckle down and study straight jazz. what are your thoughts on crafting the most efficient practice routine to...
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    how would this snare sound?

    i like the size of a 10" snare drum, but i don't like how they sometimes don't have enough power/loudness, and how they often sound thinner than a 14". so i'm thinking of building a custom 10" snare drum with these specs for the following reasons. i'd love some comments on whether i'm correct...
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    Mapex Throne

    got a new throne, so i'm selling my previous one. nothing wrong with this throne, and it's a great throne for carrying around because it's quite light. at it's lowest height (after taking out the locking bolt), the throne measures 16 3/4" tall. at it's tallest height, it measures 22". first...