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    Big Blue (The Rebirth)

    Big Blue is coming back, and its gonna be a MONSTER!!!! DRUMS: Snares: 8x5 * 10x5 13x6 14x5.5 Toms: * 8x7 8x8 8x8 10x8 10x8 12x9 12x10 13x11 13x11 14x12 * 14x14 * 15x14 16x14 * 16x16 18x16 * 20x16 Kicks: * 18x16 * 18x16 * 20x16 20x16 22x16 22x18 22x18 CYMBALS: Splash: * Classified *...
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    what happened to my thread

    what happened to big blue grows in the show us yur kit section its gone! it was there last night, what gives