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    Hand, Wrist and Forearm Stretching

    I came across this today, I apologize if it has already been posted here..
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    New Kit

    Hey guys, It's come to that point in my life where I finally want a new kit, one that should last me for a VERY long time. Heres the kits im thinking of... Pearl Reference Pearl MMX (Whats the difference between this and the new Masters Premium kits??) DDrum Dios Series DDrum Dominion Series...
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    practice pad question(help needed)

    Hey, can anyone help me by recommending some practice pads i could buy, there was a topic like this in the forums before, but i lost it... (both for kick and sticks) I need to improve my speed, overall control. I have been looking at the HQ's. Thanks :D (ALSO if this hasn't been asked...
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    I need this snare!

    Please help, i need to find the snare that 36 Crazyfists drummer Thomas Noonan uses. Any help?
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    do i "need" a new drum kit?

    OK heres my choice: A near new Pearl Session custom (SMX) , 10" 12" 14" and 22x18 bass drum, that comes with a pearl DR-501 + DR-501E for $1600 Or i can give him my kit (pearl EX 12" 13" 16", 22x18 and he keeps his snare) and pay him $1200 my kits older and i have played on it more but i have...