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    The Relatively Unknown Jam Band Hey everybody! This is my band T.R.U.J.B. Or The Relatively Unknown Jam Band! Haha Let me know what you think, and some suggestions to what you would like to hear. :D
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    Big Lizard! Check us out!

    Hey there everyone! This is my band Big Lizard and were from Coachella, CA. Check out both our songs and give some feedback! P.S: Clean Air is a little screwed up and were in the process of fixing it up. In actuallity, both are a little screwed up but its...
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    Gavin Harrison

    What cant I say about this guy?! Im surprised there isnt a topic about him. I picked up the new Modern Drummer Fest, Omg, sooo sick. -Moe-sef
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    Save The Whales!

    Hey there! This is my band Save the Whales! I hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave comments! :D -Moe-sef (p.s. sorry for the crappy audio. :oops: )
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    Hello Everyone! Its been so long since ive been on but ive been on the jam wagon with my friends and thought i could bring you a peice of the action! Haha. The video is not high quality, but its pretty decent. Enjoy and please leave ideas and...
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    Hey Check This Out....

    Now This Is Funny Cuz I Saw These Pair Of Drumsticks That Said That They Were "7B"... Now Im Curious.... Is There Such Thing?! Mr. Blue
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    Are Glory Hats And Rides....

    Good For Rock/All-around Music? Just Wondering Mr.Blue
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    Wood Dyes.....Alcohol Or Water?

    I plan on making a drum kit and staining my current kit and i wanna know...Which One Lasts Longer? Thanks For The Help Guys!!!! Moe Contreras "Mr.Blue"
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    Hey...Whats An Inexpensive fusion Kit?...

    Hey Everybody!!! Im looking for a fusion kit that dont burn a hole in my pocket...Any suggestions? Ps...Leave Links Please!!
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    Colorsounds....Help Me Find Them!!!!

    Can some one help me find some colorsounds...I always wanted a blue ride or hi-hats...But now I dont trying to break my black streak,but im willing to take black colorsounds...I checked on ebay and theres not much..I wanna find a place where theres alot of colorsounds......Thank You! :D
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    Hey Check Out My Drums And Band...Goodnight Gorgeous!!!

    heres our myspace...tell me what you think and add us please!!! Moe C.
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    Has Anyone Played The Superstar Custom SL Hyper Drive Set?

    I wanna get a new set and im thinking of geting a tama kit. The set is a Superstar Custom SL Hyper Drive 6-Piece Set... heres a link... ... sku=446812
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    Hey Any One.....How Good Is The Chad Smith Snare?...Do Tell

    Hey Everyones....I need to know how the chad smith snare is....i wanna get one and i need feedback...Thanks :D
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    Good E-kits...Are They Worth It?

    yea im just wondering what are the cheapest,most durable e-kits...and is it cheaper to convert your kit to e-drums? Thanks :D
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    What Stacks Are Best?

    Hey... I wanna know what stacks are best for different styles...i play different styles of music and i wanna find out if theres any stacks i can use...Thanks! :D