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    Saluda's on ebay

    Snatch'em up at some good prices for the holidays.
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    FS Some Saluda's (Reduced)

    Alrightly, Due to a recent change of genres i play, I have some cymbals to offer you guys.They are all endorser line Mist-X Series All Single Prices include shipping. Here's what i got 16"Med Thin Crash: Very Bright. Similar Sound to a Sabian AAX:$65 18" Medium Crash. High Pitched And...
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    My Black Sparkle Medicine Man

    7x8 TOM 8x10 TOM 9X12 TOM 12X14 FLOOR 14X16 FLOOR 18X22 KICK 18X22KICK 7X12 MEDICINE MAN RASTA SNARE:RED TO YELLOW TO GREEN WITH RED SPARKLE P/C CYMBALS:SALUDA 6" Voodoo bell 14" Diamond Hats 16" 18" 19" Mist X Crashes 12"Mist X China 20"Voodoo China 24" Custom Big Bell Ride 24"Original...