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    3 bands & a Side project

    It's been a while since I've posted in on this forum. I have many new recordings since last. The best of which I did with my buddy Chris Andersen. Also my 2 new bands LongWayDown & Sin of Silence have also put out a few tracks. and lastly there is one track from my old band here. This is my...
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    Progessive Technical Metal (Need some Opinions!)

    Check this out. My friend and I have been working on this project for a while. It's still not finished yet. But it's commin' along nice. There will be more songs coming soon.
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    Hang Drums

    Check this out, and search Hang Drums on youtube. They sound so cool but apparently they are like 3k with a waiting list of up to 5 years. crazy.
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    I was wondering what people are playing nowadays as far as Real Time Strategy games go. Personally I'm into Supreme Commander, Stronghold 2, and AOE 3. I'm still a fan of the classics too Starcraft, Age of Wonders, KKND. So, what are you guys playing?
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    Arsis - We Are The Nightmare

    Has anyone else hear this album.. and well the other Arsis albums. The improvement of the whole band is amazing. Darren Cesca takes the drums to the next level. The overall level of song writing has improved from united in regret. I was impressed.
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    Straight up Bull.

    Bloody second time the cops have been to my apartment this week. Why? real drums?.... no, Apparently Electronic drumsets are too loud. I hardly ever plug the thing into an amp anyways. PSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Someone else needs to tell me this has happened to them to so I don't feel as bad...
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    I've been contacted for work....quick question.

    Some dude just sent me an email asking if I wanted to do some session work with midi, which is sweet cause I can do that right here with my elec kit, or GP or some other program.. he also asked for my rates... There lies the problem. What's a good rate to be charging per song? The song called...
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    I lucked out

    I lucked into a $375 Roland T-D3... It's not bad and I can keep it in my apt. I've decided to take a break from metal and work on some linear grooves. :D
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    My first taste of session work.

    A friend of mine is doing a solo album, He is a fantastic guitar player and when he asked me to drum for it I was all over that. I'm even doing it for free. It's the track called "New Untitled".
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    So... I just saw Ensiferum!

    and Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn I feel like a Viking.
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    I Just.....

    I just got to track with a 7 piece DW studio kit. *Creams pants*. I got my first taste of under the microscope recording, it was fun.
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    Ever notice....

    How the sister forums of this site (both guitar and bass) are practically deserted?
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    My position on copyright

    Someone from my old school... not so bright is pissing me off.. telling me all about her "copyright issues" I told her. "Understand this... I have a serious problem with copyright. Art is free, Which means you have no right to claim that people can't change yours and include their own flare...
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    The Dethalbum

    Whose got it? and enjoys having a real drummer play those songs. SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!
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    Does anyone listen to RJD2???

    My room-mate got me really stoned last night and showed me this band.. It's like GOOD hip-hop. The drummer is amazing. Now I really want to learn this style.