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    Building my own Custom Kit

    Hey Guys I'm wanting to start building my own custom kit. BUT, I want a few peoples opinions on how you like your drum sizes. Might try something different :) Im looking to do a 6 piece kit. Snare, 3 rack toms, floor tom and bass. So tell me, what are your ideal sizes?
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    New track - Have a listen

    Hey Guys Well, we did a very quick demo recording last night (Started at 10pm + Lots of beer) Still a little rough but I think the drums are sounding bloody mean. A small doco is coming soon of the night, show ya how to do a drunken recording haha...
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    My Band :D

    Hey guys We're from Wellington, New Zealand and play a mix of Punk, Rock and Metal. :D
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    My Sonor Kit

    Hey Guys, just joined so here's my kit :P Its a Sonor Force 2006 Special Edition with all Meinl Byzance cymbals Meant to be a 6 piece drum kit but I like the 4 drum set up :) Gibraltar Double Kick Gibraltar Rack 22" x 18" Bass 14" Snare 13" Tom 16" Floor Tom 13" Fusion Hats 10" Splash...