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    Mercy Mercy Mercy

    Were playing this tune in my college showband....advice on keys things to play? I was given the recording by my director. He tells me "Sound exactly like him, be just as good as him". I started laughing on the inside. I tell him give me about 75 years ;)
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    Music Performance Degrees

    Beware: I wrote alot here. If you answer, I really appreciate the time you took to read this. What kind of career can someone have with one of these degrees? Like for sure careers, not like a session drummer where you have to be really good and have a good reputation to be one. Im really...
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    How do you guys start off a song?

    When you guys are first starting off with a song who starts off the idea? The band I'm in I ussually just give the beat to start it off and I find it very wierd.I always do this. Plus I'm out of ideas since these guys are very picky. I ussually wait for the other musicians to do something, then...
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    The Beatles Rock Band

    Brilliant Idea!
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    Is this fair?

    I was at my local wal-mart in the magizine part of the section. I saw all these guitar magizines, yet i could not find a single drum magizine. I searched everywhere for a modern drummer or DRUM! magizine but no luck. :( Is this fair? IDK thi6s was just on my mind :)
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    I got a couple of problems/questions :)

    -I want to try to experiement on how my kit is. Ive kind of gotten tired of how it is, and i wanna change it up. I wanna try to use that Blink-182/Kings of Leon style set. With the tom not mounted on the bass, but still up there i guess. What do those drummers use though? Is it a snare stand? or...
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    Walk me through this

    Ok...... I want to start recording myself but I know absoultely nothing about this stuff. What do I need? Mics, computer, drums???? HELP por favor
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    WTF dude!!!

    I don't know what's going on with me dude. I try a song and I can't keep the beat man :(. I recently tried the rascal king by mighty mighty bosstones, that song should be easy but I couldn't do it. I try other songs and I couldn't do them. This has been going on for about 3 days now. Has...
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    So they might cancel my graduation....

    And my prom And my senior recital And the other 4 senior recitals I'm coming out in And my scholarship night And my medallion ceremony And my senior breakfast...... Damn swine flu :/
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    Appearing in a play.....

    Recently they have asked me to come out in a play, they want me to play drum set for The Wiz. I'm stoked and all but do you guys have tips. I'm a little nervous because some other drummers that are gonna be there are from dci and well damn :/ I suck at rudiments and stuff compared to those guys...
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    Shopping for new heads for the first time

    And I'm excited :D But I know nothing about them. I want some that sound good for jazz cause I'm gonna join my local colleges jazz band but I also want some to sound good for alternative type music. I have a Tama superstar accel driver(birch). 10,12,16 toms. 14 snare and 22 bass. I probably...
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    Looking for a stick bag ... sku=547809 have you guys heard about this bag?
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    Jazz Techniqes/ Tips

    Anyone wanna pass down some knowledge. Im really getting into jazz yet i still have the mind set of a rock drummer :(. And by that I mean I play way too loud, and whenever i'm done playing I remember that you know. Anyone have any tips on how to play jazz better whether it be play more loose or...
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    Musicians Institute

    Have you guys heard anything about this school? Im really considering going here not this coming year but nex year. I really want to do something with music for the rest of my life :mrgreen: and well i think this is a good place. What songs do you guys think i should do? They ask for songs...
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    looking for some cymbals.....

    this is probably the 10000th thread of looking for cymbals and stuff but.....yea im considering some pst 5's for now i guess. The ones i really want are some a customs but im barely starting you know. I dont wanna ware those expensive cymbals out just right now Are there any others to...