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    Is triggering off of these possible? ... drum-heads is it possible to set up triggers on this, if I did it, I'd probably be goin for a ddrum red shot trigger paired with a alesis DM5, would it work?
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    whats up, help my friend out.

    My friends sending in a vocal audition for as blood runs black and i'd like u guys to hear it. lemme know what u think, and leave some kind words for him if you've got any.
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    check it out

    heres a vid of a band im filling in for temporarily or maybe for good who knows. but anyway, this is our first show, i practiced with them once to learn the three songs we got to play. lemme know what you think ... d=56528400
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    double triggering (i believe) hi hat on alesis dm50

    i have the alesis dm5 pro kit, and my hi hat keeps double triggering when i have the footswitch open. if you hit it anymore than babby soft, it will trigger the sound, give the nice washy open hats sound, then cut if off a fraction of a second later. i tried what the books said about adjusting...
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    problem with ear stretching. help please.

    I know at least some of you guys here have to have some experience with stretching your ears so I figured I'd ask you guys for advice. I've been stretching my ears (well ear, the other ones initial piercing is still healing) and i've been doing ok on my left ear going up one size at a time...
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    new kit! (better pics also)

    just got this and took the time to set it up today, i know i need new heads, I'm leaving the good heads on my old set, and am gonna get legit ones for this one soon. because theres no sense in having bad heads on any set right? but here it is. its a ddrum dominion maple in blue sparkle with...
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    this versus that, dominion maple vs dominion amx

    http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend ... sku=489718 http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend ... sku=449393 whats' your take on those both? i'm getting antsy for a new set, and these two look like theyd fit the bill. I like the look of the maple a little better, but i cant find the specs...
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    thinking about it, if the guy will haggel at least....

    Ignore this post. guy was a douche on the phone and wouldnt budge, so im not getting it. theres a kit i'm considering purchasing, but the guy to talk to about lowering prices wasnt in today, so hopefully i'll catch him tomorro on the phone, and if he drops the price enough, i'll buy it. but...
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    warhammer online....

    whos gonna play? im sick of WoW and just finished playing the WAR open bet yesterday, and im impressed. if you're gonna play, what are you gonna be? Im gonna be an iron breaker.... anyone else?[/i]
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    wow, packing sucks.....

    i gotta go back to ononta (college) on monday, and i have to pack everything for my dorm room today due to the fact that my bands playing in long island on Saturday, staying over night, and then playing in brooklyn the next day. Basically...... i hate packing and this is a rant about how much...
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    how to keep pedals working properly?

    well, i got a decent set of pedals recently, (iron cobras) and i want to keep them working as good as they do today. what kind of grease or lubricant or whatever do you need to use, on what, and how often? also, the cobras come with this handy quick connect bearings that attatch the springs to...
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    new songs up, check em out.

    i know the qualities not to great, but please check out my bands 3 new songs we put up. hell, i even think you should check out the older ones too. but anyway. let me know what you think of us.
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    Acid 6 pro help.

    me and my poor ass band decided to record our own songs due to lack of funds. everything sounds ok (besides the drums -_-)** but now that we have vox on the track with the music, its hard to get them to mesh well. when i bring the vox up loud enough to be heard clearly, it sounds like the...
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    what are you guys currently listening to?

    for this past week, I've been listening to the new dance gavin dance album, a lot of vanna, memphis may fire, motionless in white, and born of osiris. just wondering what everyone else is currently into.
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    if anyones near poughkeepsie ny...

    my band, sofmoure, is one of the openers tonight for the band asteria at the platinum lounge at the chance, starting tonight at 7. we're probably going on first, but yea, if you got nothing to do tonight, check us and the rest of the bands out. doors open at 6 30