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    Cadbury chocolate drumming commercials

    Maybe you guys have already seen these. If so please forgive me for reposting them. Theres a few on youtube and there all very well done in my opinion. The phil collins one is Awesome!! (maybe since im a huge Phil fan lol) Anyways enjoy!! :D
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    Dixon.... Not all tripe?

    So I as well as many others out there hear the name Dixon, and associate it with crap hardware or maybe " The Duke" by dixon drums. Well I had an older Pearl pedal for sale worth no more than 75$ and someone offered me a Dixon maple piccolo snare as a trade. It just so happened I have alot of...
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    Took your advice, much cleaner setup

    A while ago I posted some pics of my kit and Assback and SGarrett mentioned it would look cleaner with a double tom stand. Well my Pearl masking plate finally came in so I figured it was worth doing right. I do like the look much better now, hated staring at that empty tom post in the bass...
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    Help Please!! ec2 coated or g2 coated

    Well Ive been playing Evans ec'2 clears on my tom batters for over a year now and I really love them. However this is the second set Ive been through and I felt Its time to try out a coated head instead. Now my first instinct was to just go with the ec'2 coated since I do like the way my drums...
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    UDrum CoB snare

    Hey all, Ive recently come across an amazing custom drum shop located out of Burlington Ontario. They go by the name UDRUM (underground drum company). Now Im not sponsored or affiliated with the company in any way lol, I just purchased a chrome over brass snare from them recently and am so...
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    Pearl Sessions in new Jam space

    Well Its been a while since I posted, Ive been busy with work and jamming with a new band. I finally got the wife to let me set up a small studio in the basement lol. Its not much but it sounds great for recording. Specs of drums are Pearl Session Custom all maple 22x17bass, 12x10,13x11 racks...
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    Out with the Yammy's in with the Pearls!!!

    Now I'm definately not saying that Pearls are better than Yamahas lol. I just recently switched from a 5pc Yamaha tour custom in Sakura white, to an older Pearl session custom maple in Vintage Fade. I actually find the tone of both sets quite similiar, which isnt surprising since their both 6...
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    My snare collection and pics of updated kit

    Well been a while since ive posted, so I thought id share a few pictures of my snares. Plus Ive added a couple new cymbals to my kit, check it out ;) Specs. Kit: Yamaha Tour custom Sakura White 22kick , 12"tom 16" floor tom, 12x5 pork pie squeeler main snare, and currently using a pdp as a side...
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    Lots of new goodies for my kit ;)

    Hello everyone, been a while since my last pic of my kit which was brand new at the time, so heres some updated pics all set up comfortably and with some new shinys I obtained through a great trade ;P Specs, Yamaha Tour Custom 4pc 22, 12,16,14 Slingerland 14x4 Studio King (main snare) Pork Pie...
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    New add ons to Yamaha kit (fixed pictures)

    As title says I added a few things to my setup, they include: 16" Sabian AAX Dark crash 13" Sabian AAX Studio crash 16" Zildjian A High China and my new love, a 12" x 5" Pork Pie Little Squealer Snare!! oh.. also added some LP stuff (mambo cowbell, and a jam block) Older stuff consists of...
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    Heads for Yamaha Tour Custom

    Well got my Yamaha Tour Custom's home few days ago and im just starting to feel comfortable around it now, so i figured its time to get some new heads and put the stock ones away in case of emergencys. So heres my question, being fairly new to drumming Idont really know which heads would sound...
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    My new Yamaha Tour Customs

    As i said in title i just got some new Yammy Customs in a beautiful Sakura White, now this is my first accoustic kit , but after trying many different ones I chose these mainly for the affordability of the maple. Oh and they sound AWESOME lol :shock: Kit includes: Yamaha Tour Custom 4pc...
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    New to the forums ;)

    Well as I said in my title im new to the forums and also fairly new to the drum scene myself. Ive been drumming for about 6 months and love absolutely every minute of it ^^ Anyways ive viewed these forums quite a bit over the last while and i figured id finally make a post and say hello to...