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    have a chance to get double kick

    over the summer I got a pearl ex, (3 toms, 1 floor, snare, bass)....I am using Iron cobra Sr. double pedals right now. On craigslist, someone is selling the same exact bass drum for $200. Since I am also buying some other cymbals from him I will probably get more out of it. If I do buy the...
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    Me and Amon Amarth + The Absence

    went to an Amon Amarth concert like 2 days go in NYC. amazing show. The Absence, Belphegor, and Ensiferum opened up for them. 3 Bands that I love, I just think The Absence should of gotten more stage time, they were the best opening band. After the show I was talking with Justin Reynolds...
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    difference between axis al-2 and the axis al-2cb

    the axis al-2 is this: ... S&ZYXSEM=0 and the axis al-2cb is this: ... tId=215836 It seems like they are the same thing, just one of them in black. are they the same pedal, just different color? thanks.
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    new video - "varyags of miklagaard" - amon amarth check it out, rate comment please.
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    If you could talk to your favorite drummer...

    If you could talk to your favorite drummer for 5 minutes, who would it be and what would you ask him/her?
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    Happy Birthday D-Rod

    happy birthday to Derek Roddy, 36 today. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=""...
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    "Live For The Kill" Amon Amarth DRUM/VIOLIN Cover

    Check out me covering another amazing Amon Amarth song "Live For The Kill". I am playing drums and my friend later comes in tearing up the Apocolyptica solo on the violin. Please watch it all before commenting/rating. your rating and comments will help! Thanks...
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    this is a game that I saw on another forum. Here's an example of how to play: Person #1: The next person loves pizza. Person #2: Miss. Not a fan of pizza. The next person loves the color black. Person #3: Hit. It's my favorite color. The person below me hates Metallica. I will start off...
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    redid my drum cover

    redid my drum cover...much better now. please rate and comment it on youtube!! subscribe if you want to keep up with my drum videos.
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    experiences? pros/cons? thinking about giving it a try
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    practicing archive 1: roll endurance

    sorry about the long intro, the solo is too epic to cut short. this is one of the few exercises I do to help my single stroke endurance and getting around the kit. this is going to be used to track my progress every week. comment and rate please. thanks. song is "twilight of the thunder god"...
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    Manzo on teh drumzz?!?!

    yeah, this is my first ever *recorded* drum cover. this song has never been technically "released" but it got leaked a few days ago. This is the first cover & drum cover of any song from Amon Amarth's Twilight of the Thunder God. There are a lot of small things in this drum track, that you...
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    Kevin Talley, Inferno, and Tomas Haake Drum Videos

    Here are some videos I posted on youtube. I am posting more Behemoth live videos and going to post more drumcam footage. Tomas Haake playing "BLEED" live, drumcam: Inferno playing "Chant for Eschaton 2000" live, drumcam...
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    ankle weights

    i have ankle weights, and used them before to practice, helped a little. do you think using them during your double bass practice can really help its speed/power?
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    Manzo's New KIt

    this kit just came today, set it up....looks godlike. The sound is decent, because of the damn stock heads. Im getting Response 2's on the toms and a Super Kick 2. My snare is the pearl mahogany limited edition. I want to get my saludas soon, first new heads thooo. thanks everyone.