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    Analog Missionary Gulf Coast shows; 6/28- Gulfport, MS

    my band's been on hiatus for quite a while, working on our 3rd album. Almost got it wrapped up now, so we're starting to gig again before touring. Thought I'd post our upcoming shows in the US Gulf Coast area: Jun 28 Nate’s Gulfport, Mississippi Jul 4 OCEAN SPRINGS Music Festival OCEAN...
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    Jens Hannemann "Complicated Drumming Technique"

    anyone have this instructional DVD yet? I hear it's really good <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=""...
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    new Trick pedal released at NAMM? Anyone see it yet?

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    Blue Kickball mic

    ordered one of these on the recommendation of a friend recently- wow. I'm shocked; this thing is a little powerhouse! Ran some tests today against my D112, and it was no contest- the Blue smoked it. Hoping to see how it holds up next to a Shure B52 (my fav bass mic) tomorrow night. I don't...
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    hardware interface for macbook recording?

    just put Logic 8 on my macbook and am shopping for a good interface; the Firepod seems to be a top contender. Just wondering if anyone wants to share their opinion on it, or any other alternatives. Bandmate has the Mackie Onyx satellite interface, but I think I want more simultaneous inputs...
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    new Mandala USB pad

    I've been curious about the Mandala pads used by Danny Carey and Pat Mastelotto; they went for about a grand each and used a proprietary module/brain~ I've put off purchasing one. Read on another forum this morning that they've built a new version with a software sampler/virtual module that...
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    How much would/can you spend on a drum kit?

    just curious what our demographic is here, as far as drum prices go. what price range are you most likely to shop in for a typically configured kit, if you were shopping for one? feel free to elaborate or convert price if $ isn't what you use. thanks!
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    recent live performance (no metal content, sorry)

    I don't know if this will show up in the post or not; I can never see the embedded objects, but apparently other people can? If not, the Youtube link is posted below the code. Footage from a recent awards show we performed at. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie"...
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    what do you want in your monitor mix?

    prompted by a remark in the 'soundguy vs drummer' thread, I'm wondering what other folks want in their monitor on stage. (If you don't gig, the monitor is a speaker cabinet onstage or a mix sent to your in-ear-monitors that is personalized and only you can hear, it differs from what the crowd...
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    Your input requested on "Drum Trigger" blog t

    I'm writing an article on drum triggers and before wrapping it up I'd love to hear your input. This subject comes up so often that I'd like to try to address it concisely and accurately, if you see something I've overlooked or you think could be explained more clearly/easily, I'd appreciate...
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    do you play another instrument WHILE drumming?

    just curious if anyone has ever experimented with playing another instrument while drumming one-handed. I've seen the drummer from Dredg do it, and I think Kenwood Dennard pretty much pioneered a style of playing keyboards with one hand and drumming with the other-...
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    defining "groove"

    so, if the OED is right in implying that the etymology of the word Groove includes the meanings 'ditch, pit, grave,' then... oh, wait- that's for another forum, sorry. I was just curious here- and this may be a topic that can't really be defined easily, but since the term groove comes up so...
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    Mouth/teeth drumming?

    Was reading a drum mag recently, and the guy from Deerhoof was talking about how most of his practice time involved 'drumming with his teeth.' Though I'd never heard anyone refer to it before, I knew exactly what he meant. I noticed I do it in the car while listening to CDs- I was trying to...
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    your 'own' sound - how distinct can it be?

    was pondering recently, after seeing some threads/posts about playing other drummer's 'signature' gear; just how 'original' or different/distinct/personalized can your sound be? I can see where an individual STYLE could really stand out, but what about the actual sound you produce with your...
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    anyone entered in the Lollapalooza contest?

    just curious if any DML members have entered their bands in the Lollapalooza Festival Contest that is sponsoring? My band is giving it a shot, though we fully expect to lose, as we have become so adept at doing in contests. Anyone else trying to get in the top 100 to make it to round 2...