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    Leg Strength

    Hey everybody. Well, ive been playing for just over two years now and i feel like i am progressing well but my double bass is still really rusty. I think a big part of why ive been having so much trouble is because my left leg is that much weaker than my right one. I was wondering if i might get...
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    What kind of snare?

    I recently broke my snare drum and am in the market for a new one. I was curious to know if anyone is aware of what kind of snare Abe Cunningham from the Deftones uses. I love the sound of his snare but I dont know if it would fit with a Gretsch Catalina kit. I believe it would but any help or...
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    The Faded Line drum part

    Hello everyone. Ive been working currently on The Faded Line by Lamb of God, and its fairly simple for a Lamb of God song, being as its in 4/4 time in its entirity, but the verse where the double bass is in eight sixteenth notes is giving me some trouble. I have a hard time getting my feet to...
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    Are self taught drummers likely to have the wrong technique?

    Thanks to a post from paabs (thanks paabs) about pro drummers technique, I got to thinking, what about self taught drummers? Being self taught completely ive always wondered if im playing with the wrong technique, but I've never experienced any injury or serious uncomfort during, or after...
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    im pretty excited. i just bought a new 16" sabian paragon crash and it sounds awesome. love the paragon series. Neil Peart did pretty good. Lol
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    Tribute to metal

    I just read a post about an argument between drummers who like metal, and who dont. One person said theres no soul and no rythym to bob your head to. You gotta be kidding me. Metal is derived out of passion and soul, it does not focus on problems on the surface such as your girlfreind breaking...
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    Searching for Sanity

    Im having one of those days where im just not feeling my grooves at all. I feel like I suck and it ruins my whole day when im like that. It feels like i cant learn anything new and all my rythms are off and stuff. Is this normal? And what should I do on days like this?
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    Heel-toe technique

    :evil: Im getting frustrated. My feet are too big to really get the heel toe technique easily and im wondering if theres a trick to doing it with the ball of your feet and your toes cause no matter how long i try i can never seem to get it. I've got a video by Jared Falk about the technique...