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    Drumstick tape.

    Anybody ever try out the various types of stick tape? Pro-Mark Stick Rapp, Vater Grip Tape, etc. I'm curious.
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    Customer Service / Friendliness

    In your experience, what drum/cymbal/stick/head/hardware companies have been the easiest to work with and cater most to us? Just a question regarding everyone's experiences. I've personally never dealt with any representatives of any company.
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    Brilliant Drumhead Combinations.

    I recently changed my bass drumhead and achieved what I believe is the ultimate bass drum sound. I put an Aquarian Superkick I on the batter (I have an Aquarian Force II on the resonant side) with two Evans AF Patches. I'm in love with my bass drum all over again. Anybody else find those...
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    Attack Heads?

    Has anyone tried using Attack heads? I was thinking about purchasing some clear "2-Ply Tone Ridge" heads for my toms, since I heard they're comparable to Pinstripes, etc. Anyone have experience with those heads, or Attack heads in general? Positive and negative comments are appreciated.
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    Hi there everyone. I'm new. This forum seems like a friendly enough place and there is plenty of drum talk to be exchanged. I am 20 years old, my favorite drummers are Neil Peart, Danny Carey, Mike Portnoy, Gavin Harrison, Josh Freese, John Dolmayan, and Tim Alexander, to name a few. I...