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    My new Pearl EX 825 black

    Hey guys i just bought last saturday the Pearl Ex 825 in black with the black hardware and a horrible picture of Vinnie Paul on the drum head lol. It has : Snare drum 14 x 5½ Bass drum 22 x 18 Floor tom 16 x 16 Tom tom 13 x 10 Tom tom 12 x 9 I put the second tom...
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    Hole / No hole?

    Hey guys i was just wondering if you all have a hole in your bass drum head. Cause i bought a new pearl export (a black one with black hardware and stuff :D ) just before ou last show on saturday. When the sound guy saw my drum head he was like "hey guy don't you wanna cut a hole in there? "I...
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    Freestroke, moeller stroke, single/ double stroke

    hi guys, i just bought Dom Famularo's book "It's your move, Motions and emotions. This book is awesome i bought it cause i couldn't understand anything when i read it so i thought this book must be awesome!!! lol I'm just asking myself if the free stroke isused a lot? i take it more as an...
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    I don't use any but i've already spoken about this with one of my friend. Do you use any on your bass drum heads? Is it usefull? does it change anything? I don't know much about it...
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    How do i have to put my legs?

    i lose strength in my right foot or my left one quite fast, i really don't know why it does this, maybe my legs aren't well set. How do i have to set it as a 90° angle? thanks for replying guys