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    Drum Solo on an Egg anyone?

    Who needs drums when you can solo on an Egg!?!
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    Which solo do you like better ...

    And why? Sonny Payne - or Joey Jordison - I think that Sonny has more flair and finesse than Joey.
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    Hovercraft 2.0

    Finally got the new Hovercraft 5 days before xmas. Just in time for the Deadcats Psycho-xmas gig and the recording studio a week later. Whoo hooo!!!! Dark Horse refused to drill a hole in the kick shell due to the graphics (I see why now) so we went with an internal kick mic. This kit sounds...
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    Drum cleaning suggestions

    Hey, i've got 2 vintage 70's Black Beauty snare drums. after years (ok decades) of serious abuse, the outside shells are a little cruddy with crap (fog machine goo, beer, pop, blood etc) anybody have any suggestions as to de-cruding the outer shells and letting the Beauty shine through. ps...
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    Blown away by a 4 year old!!!

    My 4 year old set up another kit today and was having issues getting a kick drum. The old timbale like snare wasn't working for him so I gave him an 18" floor tom to use and went for a quick spin on his "new kit". Well i gave him the kit back and he pretty much played what I had just played...
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    Whoo Hoo I got endorsed again!!!!

    Alright I got endorsed again!!! Dark Horse Percussion outta New Jersey. I can't wait to get the new kit. They are just waiting on the wrap before final assembly. Hovercraft 2.0, should be very sweet!!! I'd like to thank Tyson Hein for the motivation (sorry i don't remember your screen name...
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    The Hovercraft

    My guitartist christened this kit the Hovercraft a couple of years ago. It is by far one of the most fun kits i've ever played!