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    Poll: Left handed drummers

    I'm a lefty and was curious to know how many others were out there. here's a pic of me on my maple Canwoods in the studio, I had just bought them from craigslist and didn't have time to replace the stupid front bass drum head. the reason there are only overheads is because the toms have Shure...
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    my new (old) Canwood kit

    I found these for sale and had to get them, They are Canwood drums with 100% US Maple shells from Keller. The sizes are as follows. 10x10" Tom, 12x12" Tom, 14x14 Floor Tom, 22x18" Bass Drum (No Tom Mount), the smaller bass drum pictured under the 22" was already sold but I play single bass...
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    my vintage touring kit

    I picked this kit up in Bozeman for $220 while on tour with Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz.. they're vintage slingerland in white pearl circa 1970,22" bass drum,13" rack tom and 16" floortom all single head. the snare is also slingerland but it's from 1960 and signed by W.S Holland (johnny...