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    bass drum sizes and sounds....

    ok people im getting ready to get a custom kit made for me and i want a smaller bass drum but i dont know. i want a 20x18 instead of a 22x18 because i want my toms a little lower and i can move my rack system around more. but heres my question, i play metal and fast stuff and i love the good...
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    does anyone have the e-kits triggers for the axis pedals? if so whats good about them cuz im looking in to getting them and yea. is there anything bad about them whats everyones opinion on these? thanx.
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    im looking for some ekits, anyone out there got some?

    i have recently invested on getting myself a pair of axis longboard pedals and after a while and after using some i would like to invest on buying sum ekits triggers for my pedals. does anyone out there have some that i can get them off of? if so let me know please =] And also if you have some...
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    pearl kit anyone???

    pearl EX export drumset for sale (black w/silver hardware) it comes with.. -14" by 5" 805 DW snare drum w/ heads -10" by 7" tomtom w/ arm -12" by 9" tomtom w/ arm -13" by 10" tomtom w/arm -16" by 13" floor tom -22" by 18" bass drum none of them come with heads except for the snare drum...