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    Rush Concert Tonight

    Got a ticket for 18th row center floor t-minus 4 hours and counting WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Tama Rockstar Custom Blue with a mix of Paiste and Sabian

    The kit is still not quite complete. I just need to add a 6" rack tom and add three more Paiste crashes and a Paiste swish, two of which will replace the Sabian B8 cymbal (which is a loaner) and the crash above my ride. I'm also replacing all of the tom heads with clear Emperors and Ambassadors...
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    Vintage Slingerland Gene Krupa snare drum

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone on here is familiar with this snare drum, as well as what should be used to clean it. From my understanding it is a solid brass snare drum, but I could be wrong. Is there any sort of chrome on it which is making it appear shinier? It doesn't really LOOK like...
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    Simmons Pads and Roland V-Drum module

    Anyone have any experience with old Simmons Pads, Roland V-Drum interfaces, or both?? I want to add electronics to my kit just for some samples and the like. Figured I'd just go with some old Simmons Pads that I can get for dirt cheap. I'm wondering if I would run into any problems using a...
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    Legless hihat stand

    Anybody know any companies that make a completely legless hihat stand? I know that Ludwig used to, but I can't find it in their current catalogues. In the meantime I'll keep checking eBay. Thanks a lot for any suggestions. :)
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    Tuning cowbells??

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows a way that you can alter the pitch of a cowbell. I don't mean seriously changing the note, but I have a set of tuned tribells made by AFRO, and I noticed that two of the bells are slightly flat (meaning they are lower in pitch than they should be) relative to...
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    Looking for a particular stick

    So I've finally realized that the sticks I've been using for sometime are too heavy for me. I ended up changing to a Regal Tip 7A model and am very happy with that, but the only problem is that they are too short. Does anyone know of a stick very similar to the Regal Tip 7A in feel and weight...
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    Promark's 50th Anniversary Snares

    Anybody see these yet? I think They look absolutely beautiful, but what a price tag! I wonder how they sound.
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    One handed drum roll (the Rim Roll Method)

    Ok, I've never really taught drum lessons before, so forgive me if this isn't a very efficient lesson, but I'll try my best. I've found this works best with matched grip, either on the left or right hand, working to develop ieither hand one at a time. Basically what you do is, as you're holding...
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    Bass Drum Front Head Artwork

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to come up with a really cool image that I can put on my kick drums, but I'm really lost for ideas. I don't really want to do a band logo or anything like that because my band could be gone next week and there's my money down the drain. Anyone got any suggestions they...
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    Here's MY kit!!!.....okay maybe not. Hahaha.

    Ha! That really is me sitting in front of them though. :P I don't own a digital camera, and my avatar pic was taken by someone else, so I will try and post a pic of my kit as soon as I am able. Trust me, it won't compare to this one though. Haha.
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    Wanted: Pure Cussion portable kit

    Anybody got one that he or she is willing to part with?