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    Hardware pricing

    Okay so I just got a brand new 5 piece Truth Custom drum set it was the center piece at NAMM but all I have are the shells. Does anyone know how much hardware is going to cost? I need everything, basically. Or can someone direct me to a site? I've checked the local music stores and I can't find...
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    Okay me and my band have a show on saturday, I NEVER get blisters and yesterday I got a blood blister and I can't even hold the stick, anyone have any suggestions, like if I should use some type of gloves , if so what kind? Help is needed guys.
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    First Show!

    Well I've been with this new punk/ska/alternative band for a while and we booked our first show, it's on saturday at Epicentre in Mira Mesa California, if anyone is near. The band is called Surfing Socrates, I've never played this venue before so I'm real excited :P
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    Playing other sets

    Well the past few weeks I've seen drummers on their sets and I seem hesitant to ask them to play their kit. I mean, I've been playing for 6 years, I get lessons from yellowcard's drummer and I'm experience in playing infront of people but asking other drummers if I can play their kit just seems...
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    Your Reason

    Hey, I'm not sure if this topic has been made or not, but I couldn't find it, here tell about the drummer who influenced you to play drums in the first place. To me, it's the great Longineu Warren Parsons III who i take lessons from.
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    Stick Control

    Currently, I've been playing for 6 years and I can't seem to get enough of the book Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone, how many drummers out there use this book? Because it's to me, a lifetime full of rudiments.