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    your splash cymbal placement...

    The cymbal set up I have now kinda sucks. I can't get to my splash comfortabley. It's placed oddly over my small tom. I guess I'd like to know whats comfortable for all of you, so I can get a few ideas together and shuffle my set up around before i build up my set up cymbals. =]
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    less dominant hand exercises...

    So I'm a lefty and basically, I'm alot faster with my left hand. I've heard of some trick that "help" your less dominant hand but I'm not too sure on them. Things like... open a door brushing your teeth twisting jars I'm guessing anything that would give you slightly better coordination with...
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    Spaun Snares?

    Does anyone play a Spaun Snare? I'm saving up my money for a good snare, because currently I'm using the one that came with my Pearl Forum kit. It's not horrible, I just want a upgrade. I was looking into Spaun, because from what I've played at Sam Ash they sound pretty good. I play in an...
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    lower end istanbul....?

    jee. so I've been looking to expand my cymbal use. see what sounds good and what I liked. I've tried sabian and zildjian and I'm lookingto try istanbul. BUT I do know I don't want the lower end quality. I know there's sabian b8 and zildjian zbt...but whats the lower end of istanbul? I don't...
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    snare quote

    well, disregard my last post. I've decided against Truth because well, I'm broke :D so I was looking on that amdrumparts site and I was wondering could anyone give me a decent quote. I was thinking... 4x14 snare shell with a vibrant color satin wrap... 14" black powder hoops black powder lugs...
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    custom snare advice

    so, I worked my way up, got some new cymbals and now I think it's time to invest in a new snare drum. I'm really thinking custom, like Truth. The finishes are just amazing and the Acrylic Green would stand out against my set. But, the prices are outragious. So when everyone sees the nice new...
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    just bought a new sabian aax

    ohhhh gah. the ridiculous-ness (if thats a word) of zildjian zht and zbt is now crystal clear to me! the sound of this crash is uhhh-mazing. I couldn't be happier who else to thank but my fellow drummers for recommending sabian axx. =D
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    level tom to snare...?

    ok this is gonna be a difficult question cause I'm not really sure how to word it so you can understand. Uh...but here goes... so I like the look of having your first tom level with your snare drum. I've never played it but I imagine it would be better for me to play because during fills I...
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    bass drum holes?

    how the mugg do I go abot getting one of these things. they give your bass drum a good sound, at least I think so. But I just don't wanna go cutting my own. anyone know anything? thanks =)
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    Well I'm in a pickle =P

    Myself and my band recently just found out our name (Horizons End) is in use by some german metal band and we need a new one! So, where else to go but the drummer forum. =) You all have been very helpful since I first arrived here now it's time to help me get creative. This really has nothing to...
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    ever heard of destructive drums?

    I went to a local show last night :lol: loves 'em. there was one really good band there from Boston. The drummer had this comfy ass looking set from Destructive Drums. Ohh and the finish was gorgeous. I was just wondering if any of you know anything about this company? I've been looking into a...
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    I just don't know!

    so here's my deal I bought a nice new pearl set last year an upgrade from my groove set (hey, ya gotta start somewhere haha) Now I'm trying to upgrade my cymbals. I'm just clueles as to what to get. I'm a hell of a heavy hitter. I've broken a few crashes (low end cymbals) and a ride. I play...
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    fun songs to learn...

    so I'm looking for something kinda "hardcore" to play? Any artists or songs you suggest? Just please, don't hit me too hard with all this. =) thank ya
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    uh, travel gear...?

    well, my band and I plan on playing some local shows this summer. I'm brand new at this band jank so I don't have any travel gear. Pack and go drums. Ha, no. So any recommendations for the kind of gear I get? Also, what might the prices look like on these things? thank yaa
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    the dreaded triplets...

    so basically anyone I talk to about playing double bass jumps right into "can you play TRIPLETS?" well, the hell if I don't really know what those things are. If I'm thinking correctly it's almost like a gallop sound...? I dunno, someone please explain them to me and I'm definitely gonna work on...